Florida Museum of Natural History

I thought that the exhibit about the ocean life really helped to bring the audience into the work, and it made you feel like you were almost in the ocean looking at the creatures. I thought it was interesting because everything was the size of humans, so it made you feel like you were an ordinary fish in the sea experiencing the life of the ocean. You could see the small details and relate to their life.
I felt that the museum as a whole changed my ethical perspective of our wildlife, but I chose this exhibit of extinct animals from the Ice Age to show the need for preservation of our earth. It makes me think that we need to work to preserve our animals that are on earth now because we don't want to look back in a couple hundred years and maybe have museums with exhibits of extinct animals that are just a norm to us now. Even though these animals went extinct because of natural causes, we do not want to continue the tradition, but have it be to the fault of humans. I think we need to strive to respect and admire our animals and live peaceably together.
I thought the butterfly exhibit was the perfect example for relating nature and the human spirit. This exhibit really helps the audience connect with nature by throwing you right in the middle of it. When walking down the street, almost everyone stops and somewhat chases a butterfly (well I do) or at least stares in awe at its beauty when they see one. Well the Butterfly Rainforest takes it to a whole new level. The kids and adults can walk through the rainforest and see hundreds, including many different species, and watch in amazement as they fly from tree to tree or even person to person! This exhibit really connects with people and makes us appreciate the beauty and mystery of our wonderful planet. There is so much more than us and our routine lives. Sometimes we just need to step back to take in the amazing creation that is before us!

All photos were taken by myself and my friend Conner

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