Felis argentum Silver cat

Dwelling: Silver Cats live in the Benthos Zone. It lives on the ocean floor as a vagrant organism, which means it is mobile. It can move, walk, or run... it relies on its speed for defense. Silver cats are not edible. It's size just like most scavenging organisms in the Bentos zone depend on how long it can survive and sustain life on its own.

Appearance & Reproduction: Silver Cats are mostly teal (darkness depends on sex darker: females) with silver accents. Females are much larger than males. To mate male Silver Cats will bump into female Silver Cats which releases hormones similar to the mating ritual of Angler Fish. While suspended in the water, after mating is completed male Silver Cats then swim to the most eligible rock and die.

Feeding: Felis argentum are omnivorous, feeding on almost anything they can find. Including but not limited to Plankton, Archaea (bacteria like microbes), Crustaceans, Polychaetes, Sea Sponges, Snails and Algae.

Zone(s): Benthos (Benthic Zone)

Mobility: It runs across the ocean floor at speeds reaching 20mph. It also uses its long but wide tail to navigate locally when it's not running away from predators.

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