Bowling For Columbine

"If more guns make people safer, then America would be one of the safest countries in the world. It Isn't. It's the opposite".

The Columbine High School massacre was a school shooting that occurred on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, which sparked a big debate in America on whether we have proper control over guns. The United States of America is known to be a country that is full of violence compared to other countries in the world. We have the most firearms distributed among the people, and as a result we have the most deaths resulted due to firearms. In this documentary filmmaker Michael Moore sets out to explore the background to the Columbine massacre. While finding out the roots of this terrible shooting, he learns of the easy availability of guns, violent national history in the United States, violent entertainment and even poverty are all reasons of violence in America. But, other countries in the world share the same factors we do, yet they do not have nearly half the violence that we do. In order to arrive at a possible explanation, Michael Moore takes on a deeper examination of America's culture of fear, bigotry and violence in a nation with widespread gun ownership. Also Michael himself visits the neighboring country of Canada to examine their conditions and standpoint on guns, and learns that they in fact do not experience the same problems we do. His main goal in this documentary, is to investigate and confront the powerful elite political and corporate interests that back up the whole situation in order to benefit them. This movie was made for the whole purpose of explaining and showing how easy it is to acquire a gun in America, and to try to stop all school shootings with this movie, but sadly to this day the shootings continue, leaving this movies purpose unfulfilled.

This brief video used in the movie explains the very rough, and extensive history of violence that we have had in America over the last few centuries. It spans from the beginning of our country during the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, both World Wars, and the recent wars in the Middle East. Our natural instinct has become to inflict violence upon one another when the hardships begin to appear, and as a result we live in a world where we are filled with fear daily, and now we live afraid of the world, and are subject to danger.

These are some scenes within the movie itself, where as you can see Moore interviews several people including Marilyn Manson, and Charles Heston about their influence on the use of guns. There is belief that there are many people who influence teenagers to use the guns that are legally distributed to commit massacres.

In all, Michael Moore aims to send the message that the great country of America is a culture controlled by fear, which is influenced by a government and media who maintain control over the populace by scaring us as much as possible, using mainstream media to report stories that will spread fear within the people of this once great country, which will lead them to resort as violence as a safeguard.


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