Overthinking By: Jordan Summers | Period 3

1.) John Oszajca - I Hate you (My Friend) [Explicit]

Holden Caufield shows hate towards his room mates along with discomfort in their living habits, he gets into a fight with them and lies to them continuously, in this song is says "I hate you my friend", this is Holden talking to his room mates and although he socializes with them he also has never said anything positive to them or about them and dreads having to see them.

2.) Pink Floyd - We Don't Need No Education

Holden Caufield treats his education like a joke and doesn't care when he failed and dropped out of college. When lectured about why he failed by Mr. Spencer he lies to Mr. Spencer and himself about how he tried during school and didn't mean to slack off in school. "We don't need no education" , This is what Holden Caufield reflects off himself when he doesn't take the blame for his actions in school.

3.) Simple Plan - Grow Up

Holden Caufield is immature and careless, instead of being focused in school he decides to party and drink while underageĀ and make poor social choices. "And I don't wanna change I jus' wanna have fun", this is Holden, going around doing what he wants and is just going out for enjoyment and social pleasure.

4.) Twenty One Pilots - Ride

Holden Caufield is lounging around in life and is going care free, while he does this he is throwing around money to get what he wants, this is shown in the lyrics when he says "I'm taking my time on my ride".

5.) Boston - Foreplay/Long Time

Holden Caufield once he leaves school is just trying to get away from everyone, the lyrics in foreplay say "Well I'm takin' my time, I'm just movin' on", this is Holden telling people he wants to be forgotten and just wants to live the way he pleases.


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