Agriculture by; jake jenson

First agricultural revolution is the transition of humans from nomadic hunting/gathering to sedentary agricultural production of domesticated plants and animals. It started to occur right after the ice age. The farmers now plant crops and instead of chasing bison or other animals. It changed the way people lived because they do not have to follow herds of buffalo and have to constantly move and now can stay in the same area to farm there and live there. The first crops that were grown were wheat.

The Second Agricultural Revolution increased the productivity of farming through mechanization and access to market areas due to better transportation. It occurred during the 1700-1900. It changed by being able to have more land and be able to farm more at one time.

The third agricultural revolution is the included biotechnology and genetic engineering. Occurred in the later 20 century. It changed by having machines and having fertilizers to use for farming.

A GMO is a genetic modified organism. GMO'S are organisms whose genetic code has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally. They change farming by helping farmers kill pesticides and making it more efficient. Pro: Help farmers make bigger crop production. Con: Can lead to sickness and produce dead livestock.

Subsistence farming is when you grow crops and food just for you to survive and not make and profit. Sustainable farming is the farming to where you farm enough crops to be able to have them for generations. Commercial farming is where you try to make the most profit that you can or is available.

Fun Facts 1) Mature turkeys have more than 3,500 feathers. 2) There are 47 different breeds of sheep in the U.S. 3) The average person consumes 584 pounds of dairy a year. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world.

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