La Llorona A legend

The characters in the story are Maria, her two children, and a wealthy soldier.

The setting was a village in Mexico.

Plot summary: There was a beautiful woman named Maria that lived in a village. One day she got married to a wealthy man and had 2 kids with him, he later on thought about marrying someone else, someone of his own wealthy class. He had left on a trip and later on when he came back he was seen with a new woman. This made Maria furious because he showed love towards the children but not towards her. As she walked with her children by a river she pushed pushed them into it out of anger. Realizing what she had done she tried to save them but it was too late. She died from depression and it is said that the first day they laid her to rest you can hear the cries of her voice saying, "where are my children". Some say they see her walking around the village or by the river in a white gown at night. It is also said that children shouldn't go out at night alone because the weeping woman could take them and wouldn't bring them back.

Symbol And Archetype: La Llorona represents a woman that didn't think twice about what she was doing.

Meaning: You should think before you act.

Significance: You should think before you act because out of anger you might do something that you'll regret later on.

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