Jim Crow Politics

There were many different laws that made it so even though African Americans got there rights to vote it was extremely hard to vote.

Poll taxes were one way that white politicians made it hard for African Americans to vote.

If you were an African American during the Jim Crow error you had to pay a poll tax in order to vote. But they did not have opportunities to make enough money in order to pay these poll taxes.

Literacy Tests

Literacy Tests were another way to keep colored people from voting. They were required to take an unfair tests. They were unfair because they didn't have the opportunity to learn anything.

Grandfather clause

Grandfather clause, the grandfather clause happened from 1898-1915.

This was a law that let people of color vote but only if their grandfathers could vote. Which none of them did because their grand fathers were slaves.

Jim Crow Social/Cultural

Racist Toys.

During the Jim Crow error it was very common to see racist games. This was not common only in games that adults play. It was also very common in kids toys. This was a problem because it was making kids think it's okay to think like this.

Racist Cartoons

During the Jim Crow Error it was very common for cartoon shows to be racist. One of the biggest brands today use to make racist cartoons. Disney use to make very racist cartoons. Disney didn't try to hide racist cartoons because it was normal.

Minstrel shows

During the Jim Crow error minstrel shows were very popular. A minstrel show is when a white person puts on black face and does a very racist show were they "pretend" that they are black. This was used commonly for entertainment.

Jim Crow Economics

Laws during the Jim Crow error made it so that African Americans couldn't have a business where they couldn't do buisness with white people. Resulting in losses of Money.

In most states African Americans couldn't make as much money as white people because of "separate but equal" laws depending on what state you're in

Many African Americans couldn't make as much money because they were limited to low paying jobs mainly in the agriculture field.

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