Backcountry camping BY JJ ORTIZ

I am going for a camping trip for 3 day and the trip is to Canada for 1 day and 7 hours.

Day 1 I went to the camp ground end I went to the park I took some food I took Appel and pinots.

Day2 I went hiking and trabo on the mountains end walk to the park and eat end go to slip.

Day3 I walk around and give me lase Luke around and went to the lake and look at it en I left to me home the is what I did.

If camping near the emergency shelters, use the outhouses to dispose of solid human waste. A separate container is located in the outhouse for toilet paper. When not near an outhouse, feces should be deposited at least 50 metres from camp sites, travel routes and water bodies. Toilet paper must, of course, be packed out.

The possibility of polar bear encounters exists anywhere in the park. The potential for an encounter is greatest in the coastal areas on the north side of the park. Please read the section on polar bear safety for important safety information.

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