Child Labor Why is child labor still in use All arounD the world?

Child Labor

Why is child labor still in use all around the world?

Try to imagine if you were put to work when you were a child and you were getting no medication when you really needed it.You would soon enough die from illness.You would not sleep on any beds.You could not see your family.You knew that you and your children would be here for the rest of your lives.

Child labor is like a plague that spreads through and takes kids to put them to work.This is why people all over the world are trying to stop child labor.People have tried a lot of things to stop child labor but they have failed on stoping it completely.Some people are to scared to help child labor.

Craig Kielburger was 12 years old, when he went to India because he wanted to learn more about child labor.He learned a lot of things about child labor.He used the information he learned from the trip and started to fight against child labor.He spoke to the public about the bad things about child labor.Criag Kielburger has played an important part in stopping child labor.

These pictures are Criag Kielburger and how he helped and learned about child labor.The top right shows when he is older and is saying a speach to a lot of people.The top left picture shows him asking a question to Indian kids wile he was in the trip which took place in India.At the bottom it shows Criag Kielburger when he was young.

Child labor has been going on for a long time.A lot of people have tried to stop it completely, but they all failed.In the text "Criag Kielburger Biography" it says "It is not that easy to stop child labor, it is complex"( that use child labor are more powerful than just one human, or a small group of people.Stoping child labor is harder than it looks.

Child labor is not stopping that fast.In the text "Child Labor In India: A Poverty of Schools" says, "In India only five percent has gone down"( 1).In the text it also says, "In twenty five years only a small amount of children have, in India, been freed from child labor"(Child Labor In India: A Poverty of Schools).Child labor is not stopping fast enough.

There are not enough people helping to stop child labor.People are not caring about it.In the text "Child Labor In India: A Proverty of Schools" says, "People are ignoring the fact that there is child labor in the world"( 1).People think that "they are just one person how can they help."They are thinking bad thoughts and they are discouraged.People are not helping stop child labor because they are discouraged.

Why do families let their child do child labor? To answer this question we have to look in the text, "Child Labor in India: a Proverty of Schools", "Families do not always want their child to do child labor. Sometimes families do not have enough money to buy food or other essentials so they have to put their child in child labor" ( 1).This shows that families do not always want to put their child in child labor, they just need to because they need money to survive.To sum it up families do not want to put their child in child labor, they are just forced to do child labor, some kids are there for their whole entire life.

Child labor is an important concept.Children are being put to work.People are trying to stop it but they have not stopped it completely.Families do not always want to put there children in child labor, they are just forced to.Child labor is like a plague.In conclusion, child labor is still in use today because it is very difficult to stop it and their are not enough people that want to stop it.

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