My First Year of Park University Joni Nelson

I moved in on August 12 2016. My boyfriend Rhyler helped me move, and fell asleep on the way.

Someone was a little sleepy!

My favorite view! ==>

Copley Dorm, where I live and work.

I interviewed for a job at the front desk, and got it! I then became really good friends with a coworker named Maggie. We tend to take a lot of funny pictures together.

Snapchat filters are the best.

Corina, Emily, me, and Megan.

(Megan later moved out at the beginning of second semester)

The first couple of weeks were filled with meeting new people!

My roommate, Emily, and I had a fun time pampering ourselves the night before a test.

Maggie, Emily, Corina,and my friends from high school -Mallory and Katie, all went out to the movies for a fun night together.

We went to see Fantastic Beasts

The theater is right up the road from us, and has very comfy seats!

Katie, Hannah, and I decided to go exploring one day. We went down to the old tennis courts that were abandoned several years ago.

Shhh its a secret.

The courts are down the hill from the Copley Dorms.

In November, Emily and I made the Crimson Dancers dance team.

On Fright Night we handed out candy to the Parkville community and had a great time dressing up in animal ears.
In December we preformed for the first time.
Maggie decided to switch schools for the next semester. Cadie, another coworker, and I took her out for Starbucks and a goodbye dinner before Christmas break.
Never can go wrong with Starbucks.

A little bit before break snow came down, but the campus remained beautiful. Then we all left to go home for Christmas.

Mid January I came back to school. We performed as the Crimson Dancers again a couple weeks after, during the basketball games.

Click the button to see our page, but its locked, sorry!
Allison and Neek join me for a selfie before the performance.

After seeing these flyers around campus, I decided to apply to be a RA in the dorms. Plus it was neat having my face in the background.

I'm famous!

Valentines day was such a blast. My friends and I went to the Mill-sap foyer and took pics in the photo booth.

The photo booth was right inside here.

Just a couple pictures haha.
We're sisters, can't you tell?

Now Ester is helping me with this project. She's a great friend to have around. Hope you enjoyed learning about my first year here at Park University!

3 more years to go!


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