WATER SOLUBLE : Vitamins travel freely through the body, excess amounts are excreted by the kidneys

Vitamin B - helps the body use fats and proteins, not enough can lead to anemia

Grapes, and red meats are some examples of foods containing vitamin B

Vitamin C - maintains healthy connective tissue, not enough vitaminC can lead to scurvy, or even rough or dry scaly skin.

Vitamin C(ascorbic acid) can be found in oranges, or many green vegetables
Fat Soluble Vitamins : Benefit your body in many ways. Better eye site, some help your immune system, and much more!

Vitamin K - helps prevent blood clotting, blood will clot with little vitamin k in your system

Found usually in many green leafy foods. (broccoli, and parsley)

Vitamin A - essential for growth and vision. Poor eye site is a deficiency

found in Fish, and liver

Vitamin D - Creates strong bones and helps the body use calcium from the diet. With less calcium wont be used as efficiently and can cause weak bones.

Vitamins D can be found in milk, and eggs

Vitamin E - Helps stabalize cell membrane. A deficiency is muscle weakness

Found in germ oil and egg yolk

Calcium - builds and maintains strong bones, less can cause calcium deficiency disease

can be found in cheese, and milk

Iron - is an important component of hemoglobin. Less iron can cause fatigue, and weakness

seafood, and beans have iron

Sodium Potassium - important to both cellular and electrical function. It is one of the main blood minerals. Possible symptoms of low sodium levels include muscle spasms, or nausea.

found in banannas, and cantaloupe


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