Responsible entrepreneurs competition

The names, stories, logos, advertisements and crowdfunding pledges of our 10 teams. ENJOY!!

Team 1: TREE-REX

Our company produces drawing paper who come from the trees of Canada .Our company takes place in Paris ,we have 3000 employees .Our company is international and she respects the environment : when we cut a tree we plant four others trees .Our company also pays attention to his employees , she gives free lunch to them. We choosed this logo because the name of our company is "tree-rex",so we put a t-rex, a tree and a pen.

Our slogan is "draw in green" because our company produces drawing paper and our company is environmentalist : it's a reference with the color green

Team 2: MC Vegans

Our socially aware company is a fast food restaurant but for the vegans and the vegetarians. The restaurants are located in all of the world, in all the countries. The products are 100% biologicals and products by an organic farming. Vegetables and fruits are products in vegetable garden too. There are hamburgers, sandwiches like the "original" junk food but without meat and healthy.

The restaurants are socially aware because the employee's family have free meals every day and receive a basket with vegetables and fruits. We can give a basket for the poor children.

Team 3: World Biker

Our companies name is World Biker. The company products Motors Bike. They sell in all Europe it is an company internationale. They are socially aware because we use green fuel for protect the environment and the tyre are create made from other tyre recyclable. In the company we had take on hundred employed. The materials come from Germany.

Team 4:R.C.E (Roller Coaster Environment)

"You save the environment by old metal using”

The company is international in Europe and the center of products is in France. The company has 200.000 employees. The company products rail for the roller coaster and takes the metals who are put of the other company. The recycle of the metals is for protect the environment, this is important for the enterprise. Anything roller coaster is made with wood because the company refuse cut the three. So this is a socially company aware!


The company is international in Europe. The company needs a lot of employee to recycle the product and to make the delivery to others country. The main company is in Portugal and the rest are on a website.People give clothes they don't want anymore to the company and it recycle them to give to poor country. It help people who have financial problem and can’t buy clothes by themselves.

Team6: YourJewellery

Your Jewellery is a little company with a family background, who takes a place in Poland in Warsaw. Our team exists from 15 employers who are ever interested to work customer oriented and solution oriented to create the best for our customers. Our aim is that our customers should be satisfied with the purchase of our products and should help us by improvement suggestions to improve our company. We are an very much engaged company, which would like to do everything for the population and themselves, therefore to deliver 45 % of our profit as a donation to be able to receive our wonderful nature. We are able to do this, however only if you support us by the purchase of our products and act therefore by every purchase a little bit good for the environment and for themselves.

Team 7: Shoes store

  • Environmentally friendly shoes
  • High quality products
  • Visit our excellent natural world company
  • It`s good for you and for the nature
  • Available in all brands and colours.

Team 8: Bookfree

Team 9: ProbioCompany

Our company's name is ProbioCompany

It's average company, she was located in Portugal in Lisbon. We product bio food with farmer, we sale vegetables and meat. The farmer promise that the food are healthy. The company sell the bio food from price run the gauntlet of rivalry. The company is socially aware because ten percent of the food go for the malnutrition of the children. She come to the rescue of the poor in proposed to help farmer and recompense they have pay.

Team 10: Sun Energy

These are our companies:-) Now choose the best!!


Created with images by our students

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