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My name is Appleblossom. I am the daughter of the chief of the Yuh tribe. Half of my family was put on a Reservation by force and the other half didn’t cooperate so they were killed. Every week we have been moved some where because the White Man has wanted our land. My family has sacrificed the little we have now to provide for us. We have been doing our best to integrate into the European lifestyles that they have brought so that they stop harming our tribe, but it has been very difficult. We have very little left of our own beliefs and lifestyles left and it pains me to see my family torn from their lives.
The Dawes Act has allowed the settlers to take our land and force us out. We have been living on the reservation as best we can, every remaining memory that we had of our previous life. They’ve force their ways onto us. I don’t understand why they had to kill half of us for our land. I feel so alone and I’m scared that they will take me and my siblings as well.
In an attempt to find a solution, the white men have integrated us into their lifestyles. The only reason my family is cooperating is for the sake of my siblings and myself. My father would rather die in honor of his people, then to be forced to live a new life. That is exactly what would happen if we didn't oblige, we would all be killed off as inconveniences. Sure that was a solution, for them.
Although I'm small and don't have much control over the situation, I believe there are better ways to handle this situation. Obviously we weren't able to stop them from coming, but I wish they had been kinder. If they approached us in a more friendly manner, maybe we could've come to some agreement about land ownership and borders, that way we all could've been happy, and my family wouldn't be dead. I wouldn't mind sharing the land in a orderly and civil manner. I want us all to get along.
When I grow to be older, I will be the one put in charge of our tribe, may it be that there is not very much left of it. Has the leader, I will do my best to find a common ground with these people int he most nonviolent manner possible. Maybe some to an agreement, give them land if they stop killing buffalo. Perhaps we could agree to learn each others cultures. I know I'm a child and much sound naive, but I think if we try we can all live together in peace.
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