Frederic Remington Makayla Holleran

Frederic Remington

Frederic Remington, son of Seth Remington and Clarissa Sack-rider, was born October 4, 1861 in Canton, NY. His parents owned hardware stores in and around Canton. In Remington's early life he was a Newspaper Editor and Postmaster. Samuel Bascom, grandfather to Remington, was a saddle maker by trade. The Remington family were fine horseman. Remington was a western artist, and was the most successful Western Illustrator in the "Golden Age". He was one of the first American artists to illustrate the true gait of the horse in motion. Frederic's fame made him a favorite of the western army officers. He died from an appendectomy which led to peritonitis. His extreme obesity (weighed almost 300 pounds) complicated the anesthesia and the surgery. He died December 26, 1909. Remington is buried in Evergreen Cemetery in Canton, NY.

A- Breed

A-Breed was created in 1901.

A Brush with the Red Skins

A Brush with the Red Skins was created in 1891.

A Cheyenne Scout in Winter Rig

A Cheyenne Scout in Winter Rig was painted in 1890.


My artwork looks like a horse standing on an peninsula looking out to the water with a sunset in the back ground. The subject matter of my project is the sunset and water. The title of my project is Reflections. I used space and texture in my project. I used acrylic paint to develop this project. I used dabbing the paint brush on the paper for the sunset and water. My artwork was inspired by Frederic Remington. It doesn't express any issues. My goals as an artist is to be more precise with my artwork. No this piece didn't help me reach my goal. I learned to have patience and to use time to create this piece. i didn't image my piece to look like this because i thought it would look a lot better. This will influence more of my artwork because i like Frederic Remington because of the work he does.

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