Stonewater Creek Erosion Repair & Bank Stabilization

The Problem

For seven years, George Hudson watched the ditch behind his home erode. The property lost approximately one foot of soil per year; some areas lost over 12 feet of soil to erosion.

Hudson initially contact SCD for technical assistance on native plants to control erosion; unfortunately, the long-term solution would need to be more durable.

The Solution

To prevent further property loss from erosion, SCD regraded the ditch bank and added rip rap stabilization in just over two days.

The Process

Protective matts were used to prevent property damage.
Vegetation was removed from the ditch bank.
The ditch bank was regraded to accept the rip rap.
A geotextile underlayment was added to prevent erosion.
"They were great, they made sure nothing was damaged, everything was done very carefully and methodically. It looks great, I really appreciate it." -George Hudson, property owner
"It was unbelievable how far the water would come up, it would overflow the ditch by 10-12 feet."

George Hudson, property owner

Completed March 2021


Photos by SCD and George Hudson.