The Wise Shopper Year 9 commerce assignment task 1

1. A photo and description of the good, detailing its main features (eg brand, size, colour, features).

Product: Dishwasher

Brand: ASKO

Type: D5424

Size: 82.3cm x 60cm x 50cm

Colour: Stainless Steel

Price: $1399

Features: Child safety lock, Steel construction, Hidden heater, Super cleaning system, 2 spray arms, 5 spray zones, Powerzone cutlery, Residual heating, 14 place settings, 2 basket levels, Touch screen display, Digital countdown indicator, Visual and Sound indication for washing end, Adjustable kick plate - 30 - 94/ 0mm, Aquasafe, Rince-aid indication, noise rating of 48 decibels, 6 programmes - normal wash, automatic program, quick wash, Eco wash, daily wash, heavy, wash.

2. An analysis of the key factors which affected your choice of the good. Consider product reviews, competing products, price, marketing, branding, environmental considerations.

Product Reviews:

Looking at the reviews for ASKO has greatly affected my choice of product. Dishwashers cannot be tried before they are bought. Therefore, it is good to see what people who have used them before have thought. The reviews for ASKO were mostly positive with ratings between 4 and 5 stars generally. People generally said that the customer service was good, they were easy to use with well working settings and that they cleaned dishes very well. With these ratings and reviews I knew that an ASKO dishwasher was a very good choice.


Competing Products:

It is good to look at competing brands when choosing a product because the product you are purchasing can be compared to them. The two biggest competitors for ASKO are Miele and Bosch. Bosch is very reasonably priced and has quite good rating and reviews. The majority of Bosch dishwashers however do not have a drying feature. A drying feature was a key component I was looking for in purchasing a dishwasher. This is because my family is very busy and does not have time to dry dishes each day. I therefore concluded that a Bosch dishwasher was not the best product for my needs. Miele is a leading Brand in dishwashers because of their advertising and generally good quality. Miele are however a more expensive brand and majority of their reviews were negative. Some people said that their cutlery was streaked because the condensation could not escape the dishwasher at the end of the cycle. People also said that their dinner plates did not stack properly and were falling off the racks. One of the biggest problems with Miele was there customer service. Many people had shared their bad experiences when trying to deal with problems, get a refund or get a replacement. I decided that ASKO was the best brand for my needs compared to these other brands because it had a dry function, good customer service and good reviews.


The price is another factor which greatly affected the choice of my product. The cheaper ASKO dishwashers were priced around $1000 whereas the more expensive ones were about $2900. I wanted a good quality dishwasher that would last for a long time but was also reasonably priced. Generally dishwashers last for about 7-12 years. Cheaper dishwashers would be closer to the 7 year mark and more expensive ones would be closer to the 12 year mark. I decided upon a dishwasher that had a midrange price. This was because I wanted it to last for a long time but I didn't want to spend too much on it. The price of the D5424 stainless steel model was $1399.


Branding affected my choice of which company I would buy the dishwasher from. ASKO has a reputation of selling good quality dishwashers so I knew that if I bought an ASKO it would most likely be good quality.


Marketing affects the choice of which company to buy products from because it advertises and promotes different companies. ASKO advertises it's brand through brochures, television commercials, on it's website and in more ways too. I went to the Good Guys to see what sales were on for ASKO dishwashers and if there were any additional goods I would receive with my purchase. There was a sale on for ASKO dishwashers that would give a $200 discount on the D5424 dishwasher. If I were to purchase the dishwasher I would also get some Finish dishwasher tablets to use in my first few loads. This meant I would get an even better deal on the price so it persuaded me further to buy an ASKO dishwasher.

Environmental Considerations:

I wanted a dishwasher that was environmentally friendly so this affected my choice of which dishwasher I would purchase. The D5424 dishwasher has 6 washing settings and one of them is an Eco wash. The Eco wash setting allows you to do a normal dirty load using a minimum amount of water. The water rating on the D5424 dishwasher was 4 stars and the energy rating was 3 stars. Overall the D5424 dishwasher was very environmentally friendly and suited my needs as well.

3. Outline where (source and location) you will buy your good, justifying your choice.

Location of Purchase:

I decided that I would purchase the ASKO D5424 dishwasher from the Good Guys store. I decided I would purchase it from the store rather than online because it was cheaper in store. I chose the Good Guys because my family has purchased products with them before and they have good reviews on customer service. From reviews and my family I gathered that the staff at the Good Guys are always friendly, helpful and knowledgable about the products they are selling. Another reason I chose the Good Guys was that I live in Chatswood and there is a Good Guys in Chatswood. This means that I do not have to travel a long distance to purchase the product. From my family's past experiences of business with the Good Guys we have found that unlike other stores they deliver within a few days. Overall the Good Guys was the best store for my needs when purchasing this product.

4. Identify two alternatives for payment of your good. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each. Which method will you use and why?

Payment Options:

Option 1: Credit Card

There are many advantages of paying for the ASKO D5424 dishwasher with a credit card. These advantages include being able to pay for the dishwasher in the store, over the phone or online. If I decided to use a credit card to pay for the dishwasher in store I would be able to pay it off in instalments rather than all at once. Another advantage of using a credit card would be that the money stays in the bank earning interest until the credit card bill is paid. Certain credit cards also provide an extra few years warranty. The final advantage of using a credit card is that reward points are earned when paying for the product. A credit card would be a beneficial way to pay for the dishwasher.

There are however some disadvantages of paying for the ASKO D5424 dishwasher with a credit card. The disadvantages include the fact that the store may have high interest rates. Another disadvantage would be that I might not be able to pay off the debt on the credit card within the interest-free period which would incur high interest charges. Using a credit card is a beneficial way to pay for the dishwasher but there are still disadvantages that come with this method of payment.

Option 2: Debit Card

There are a lot of advantages of using a debit card to purchase the ASKO D5424 dishwasher. One advantage is that you are using your own money from your bank account so you do not have to pay an interest fee. As a result of paying directly from your account you do not have debt like with credit cards. Debit cards are a compact way of payment meaning you do not have to carry a lot of cash around with you.

Although debit card is a beneficial way of paying for the ASKO D5424 dishwasher there is still a disadvantage with it. The disadvantage is that the money comes straight from your bank account and therefore does not make interest by staying in your bank account for a while. Debit card would be a good way to pay for the dishwasher but there is still this disadvantage.

Final Payment Option:

In conclusion paying for the ASKO D5424 dishwasher could be done by either credit card or debit card depending on the situation. Debit card would be used if you had the money ready to pay for the product because it could just be transferred from your bank account without any interest charges. Credit card would be used if you do not have the money for the dishwasher ready to pay straight away because it could be paid off later. For buying a big product such as the ASKO D5424 dishwasher many credit reward points could be earned. For this reason and because some credit cards also give a few more years warranty to products I would use credit card for this purchase.

5. Imagine, unfortunately, there is a problem with your good following your purchase. Create a flowchart showing the process of resolving the issue. You should include reference to the law in this area.

Process of Consumer Redress:

The Australian Consumer Law:

The ASKO D5424 dishwasher must:

  • Be of acceptable quality
  • Match the description
  • Meet any promises that are made about aspects such as performance, condition and quality

The Australian Consumer Law states that if the dishwasher were to not meet any of these standards than it would be able to be redressed.

The Process of Redressing the Problem

Contacting ASKO:

Local NSW Fair Trader Office:


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