adding hotels to flight bookings A Travel and Transport Case Study

The Opportunity

A customer wanted to reduce rogue hotel bookings.

The client’s travel manager worked with Travel and Transport to create an automated process that identifies each time a booking has an overnight stay with no hotel attached.

Upon identification, the traveler receives an automated prompt telling them to contact Travel and Transport to secure a hotel. The notification also advises the traveler if they have booked a hotel on their own due to a group/convention/meeting, they should access the embedded web form to complete a few lines of basic information regarding the stay.

Once submitted, the web form is sent electronically to travel advisors, who put the information back into the Passenger Name Record (PNR) as a passive segment.

The Results

Through the success of this program, the client’s hotel attachment increased by 8%, improving the client's duty of care program and providing further data for hotel sourcing efforts.

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