My Horizon of Motivation Ulrike Kleist

You need someone to get the work done?

I am really happy when ...

  • I can help people
  • achieve my goals
  • bring in my talents into a good team work
  • having challenging tasks

What makes me special...

Due to my combination of talents in the fields of relationship building, strategic thinking and influencing I am exceptionally talented in seeing the potential in others.

I generally find it easy to tell a story or to express my thoughts.

My help encourages people to learn, grow and improve.

I can build solid and mutually rewarding relationships.

In leisure time for instance I help friends to find the right job and to present themselves in the application process.

First of all, I really enjoy to work with people. Adaptability for me means to be open for rapid technical developments, constant changes of markets and a fast-moving professional world.

Ulrike Kleist


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