Constans Theatre Divine play with Dennis Le

While reflecting on the time at the Constans Theatre, I realized the extensive time of the play got me immersed into the historical and industrial context. Here are some moments I have from the play.

Before the play started

The Spatial Experience: Once in, I was getting to know the people around me and spoke about the upcoming play. There were a variety of people in the theatre with interest while there were others who were anxious to get out. Overall the audience were a mixed crowd of passionate and unenthusiastic people waiting for the play to begin. However, the overall feel to the theatre was pleasant. The curiosity for the play began once the lights started to dim. People respected the unspoken role of quieting down and were "shh'ing" people to grab their attention. I liked the full attention towards the play and the audience were peaceful and mindful of others and the play.

Waiting in line for the play

The Social Experience: While in line, I was with 2 of my friends and spoke to some of the strangers who were all in Good Life as well. Even though this is a play for Good Life students, some were eager to go in and see a play for their first time. This made me realized this was my second play I was eager to see how this play would turn out. Attending the play with friends allowed me to share what I thought about the serious, but fun play. This experience opened up my mind by making me realize that plays have a special feel to it and I appreciate the amount of time and effort the actors put into the play to perform their best for us.

During intermission of the play

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The historical background within the play made me realized the American past and how tough it was to live during the industrial age. The central issue was poverty and the struggles within the industrial age and the working conditions people had endured. Before attending the performing, I was well aware of the tough working conditions within the 20th century. Even though the performance did not change my views about the struggles of poverty and the working conditions, the play enhanced my view of poverty. I live in an overall safe environment and I cannot relate to the performance.

After the play with another friend

The Emotional Experience: The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provided an opportunity for catharsis because the performance released a truth into the minds in the good life students, including me. Having a story of a common situation back in the 20th century revealed allowed me to contemplate about all the ideas and artwork within the theatre performance.

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