Zipline in Boston A funny long-weekend relaxation--By Ray Huang

Here at the Dewey Square Park near South Station, people is lining up waiting for their zipline ride. The three-day "Freezin' Gator Zipline" activity from February 18th to 20th, 11am to 5pm, is part of the promotion of Experience Kissimmee Florida. The tourism group aims at attracting people in New England to get away from the cold and visit Florida.

This is the first time zipline come to Boston. There was one in Chicago a year ago at Millennium Park. "We think the best way to promote Kissimmee tourism is to bring some activities to Boston.", said Megan Heron, the director of marketing and operation strategy for the Experience Kissimmee.

Megan Heron, director of marketing and operation strategy for the Experience Kissmmee

"We brought the experience to Chicago last year, and it was so popular.", said Megan. "We are expecting a little bit bigger of the number. It's a little too early to tell, but yesterday we surpassed the number of people we have at this time last year in Chicago."

There is a long queue waiting for their ride.

Base on what we saw in the field, the waiting time for a ride is about 1 to 1.5 hours. Many people were still trying to join the activity at the time it closes.

The zip line is about 200 feet long. Two people in a group depart from the platform, and takes about 10 seconds from the platform to the ground. The activity here is inspired by the "Screaming Gator Zip Line" in Gatorland Orlando, where people can zip over alligators.

"It's fun, it could be longer, but it's pretty fun", said Blake, a local female who come with her friend Kristen. "We wait for a long time here, but everything deserve when jump off, that feeling was so cool.", said Kristen.

Both Kristen(left) and Blake(Right) enjoyed their zip line trip in a beautiful sunny day

Most of the people here enjoy their 10s trip on the zip line. Some of them keep screaming and shouting; some recorded their trip through cell phone or GoPro, and post them to their social media with hashtag #zipboston #jo704.

But some people looks scary and nervous, and grab the rope tightly.

In addition to the zipline, the tourist group also bring an alligator from the Gatorland. People can take a photo with it in the Gatorland tent. There is also a Crayola Experience tent for children who loves painting.

Visitors are taking photo with an alligator from Florida
Children are creating their own painting in the Crayola Experience tent

The tourist group also try to connect with and benefit local communities here in Boston. They encourage people to come here with their used coat, which they will donate to local charity groups after the end of this event.

In a warm and sunny weekend with an almost 60 degrees temperature, the zipline becomes a good relaxation for Bostonian, who need to recover from the past frozen, blizzard week. Here is a video clip of the zipline activity in Boston.

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