Yellowstone National Park

Driving into the park you know that you are in for a treat. Rocky mountainsides shooting up, covered with pines. It's just like I imagined. And then you see the lake and steam coming from the shoreline. It's just a preview of the landscape to come.

Yellowstone Lake at Fishing Bridge

There are grand sweeping views over Yellowstone Lake with the Tetons in the distance. We noticed huge areas of dead trees on the side of the mountains but it wasn't until the areas got close to the road that we realized that these were burn zones from the large fire in 1988. We could see the young regrowth in those areas.

Yellowstone Lake

While traveling in the park, you encounter views that are more "expected", beautiful, and serene, then you come upon the totally unique and other worldly landscapes of the geyser basins.

Norris Basin

The geyser areas are beautiful in their own way. The vivid colors and the textures and depth that is seen in the pools. A bit unnerving if you think about what is causing them to form.

Grand Prismatic

Driving along and seeing wildlife so close at hand Is one of the best parts. It becomes a quest to look among the trees and rocks and across the meadows, hoping to catch a glimpse of something...maybe a bear or wolf or at least a bison. It's a telltale sign that something is around when you see a group of cars pulled over to the side of the road.

We were told we probably wouldn't see any elk but we did
I thought it looked like he was reading the sign...
...then he tried to hide behind it. It didn't really work!
Also got a photo of a bison on fire...oops, the photographer should have done a better job and moved
Big horn sheep and bear

Back to some scenery.

Fishing Bridge

By the way, you can't fish from Fishing Bridge. Strange name then? It used to be allowed and there were photos of the entire bridge lined with poles and people of all ages but they don't allow it anymore because it is a fish spawning area.

At the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
You can see how the smoke from a wild fire looks at sunset

This has been a glimpse of Yellowstone National Park

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