My Personal Narrative By:Emma B.

My Personal Narrative

I’ve always grown up with dogs it my life and when I was 5 or 6 we had a dog named Jazz and she had cancer we had to put her down but at that time we had another dog named Onyx we gave him away when we moved to Brooklyn. My home town has always been oregon and I lived there ever since I was nine and when we moved 3 years later we got my dog Bella, we speak to her in french and she has always been a very big part of my family ever since.


I have always been a huge packer fan. My family and I go to packer games and we still do but my brother became a SeaHawk fan. We have always been huge packer fans. My family and I go to packer games and we still do but my brother became a SeaHawk fan. We have always had so much at packer games and I can’t wait until next season.

Guinea Pigs

My guinea pigs we have had guinea pigs for about 5 years they have been a big part of my life but one day my sisters guinea pig had a tooth problem and we went to go feed her and my sister goes to pick her up and sees shes not moving a drops the guinea pig in the cage. When we first got my guinea pig she was not in a good home before we got her and whenever I cried she would lick up my tears. My pig is the black and white one.


I was about 5 or 6 when my grandma (Tami) got breast cancer and she had stage four and then she got threw it and then 6 years later she got liver cancer and now she is trying to fight threw it. Late last year my grandma Betty (My dads mom) got breast cancer she still has it she was going to get her last treatment on Halloween but she said family is way more important so she didn’t get it she lost all her hair and is now trying to fight.


Tragedy struck my family when my grandma Pam (My moms step mom) died the day after christmas we knew a day like this would come but it was heartbreaking to hear the day after christmas she has always brought us cheer with her long calls on the phone and with her robot dancing and when she gave us candy. My grandpa has been in so much pain lately it's heartbreaking to know that he is on the road of dying too.

Guinea Pigs

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