Experience our pop-ups Shift offers mental health pop-up exhibits at campuses and companies across North America. Here's a glimpse of what happens and why it matters.

What would you share if it were 100% anonymous?

Each pop-up is based around our proprietary texting platform, allowing people to share anything they want without fear or embarrassment.

The result? It makes the struggles we all share beautifully human.

The truth is no one is ever alone. These pop-ups are one way to help people believe that.

Because when we see that our struggles are shared, we're more likely to reach out, speak up, ask for help or stay hopeful that we can carry on.

We ask hard questions that provoke thought, inspire connection, and create a sense of shared awareness within each community.

While the pop-up is running, we create connection by hosting storytelling events, photo booths, and facilitating deep conversation.

In one day we can disprove a belief that can last a lifetime.

We can show that no one is alone.

Created By
Jordan Axani


Discover what makes our mental health pop-up exhibits so moving and powerful.