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A little about our Employees

Our employees at Enterprise group are well valued and respected among each other and our managing team, as well as the customers when they receive their positive and constructive feedback. We like to ensure that the well being of our employees is one of our main priorities.

Employee to Employee Relationships

Materialistic and Non-Materialistic Gains

We understand at Enterprise Group that well being can have a materialistic value which is why we consider bonuses and wages for our employees. Some employees have previously stated that as their wealth increases they have found their sense of worth and happiness has increased. It is important for all employees to feel the need to provide for their families and themselves, so a materialistic gain is a necessity in our organisation. We mainly offer bonuses when there is a completion of a target set by the management team and we have found our employee’s motivation increases and they have few disagreements with these targets.

For most of our employees, well being is not all about materialistic gain, it is about creating a positive work environment for themselves and their colleagues. By creating this positive environment, whether that be from building an atmosphere that allows free speech, care and understanding from other colleagues our employees strive to work and achieve much more. This environment improves our employee’s attitudes when speaking over the phone to a customer which helps reduce the negative impact customers may have on our organisation and on our employees. The fewer complaints received from customers means the better our employees well being. We also encourage employees to progress within the businesses, and we do so by offering the same starting position to each employee, therefore giving them a sense of equality among the team, but also giving them the opportunity to become the leader they know they all want to be. By giving equal opportunities it reflects in our employees work and increases the morale amongst them.

Team building exercises help our employees feel like a family whilst feeling respect among each other.

Healthy Living for our Employees

We find the encouragement of healthy eating in the work place has improved the well being of everyone within the organisation. At Enterprise group we supply healthy eating posters around the office as well as supplying healthier snacks in our canteen and vending machines. We do not put emphasis onto the reasoning for eating well, just that it means you are healthier and our employees have a more positive attitude within the workplace.

Did you know that eating a large quantity of food which a high fat and sugar content with minimal activity will increase your chances of gaining weight at an increased rate?

By improving your diet our employees within the workplace have found they have increased energy throughout the day which increases their motivation and mood, therefore adding to the positive atmosphere. We also understand that our employees may not have the healthy lifestyle at home which is why we encourage them to find healthy recipes (which you can find from the link below) and follow Apps that show foods nutritional values and the option to create a food diary.

Become healthy and get active!

Our Employees Mental Health

A big part of well being is mental health, we like to ensure all of our employees are in a good state of mind, and if they feel this is not the case, we believe our employees and managers are there for each other if needed by a colleague. When working within a call center there are daily stressors which can have an effect on an employee. The environment they are working in is distracting as there are conversations happening around the whole office, and the expectation the meet the company standard is not helped by this. There is also a high amount of customer expectation, and for our employees they do deal with difficult customers over the phone which decreases their moral and their mood. However, at Enterprise group we like to minimalize the decrease in job satisfaction and performance by offering one on one talks with managers if necessary as well as displaying posters of positivity and keep a strong mental attitude.

Ways in which you can improve your emotional health are also as followed:

• Ensuring you have enough rest each day

• Prioritizing time for leisure activities

• Limiting the amount of unhealthy foods

• Reducing negative attitudes by limiting worrying and stress

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