And thank you for sending us this absolute gift of a spot. It’s filled with what we go for, practical action in amazing settings with cool characters. Love it! We think that in order to bring out the car even more, things like interesting characters and great settings is the magic dust that rubs off on the car, making it shine even more! To be the best, surround yourself with the best. At the end of the day, this is a spot for NISSAN X-TRAIL, not for travelling or camcorders, and this is very important to remember when reading this treatment. On the following pages we will take you through, step by step, how we are going to turn these boards into never-seen-before action.

Let's go!


On top of a rough mountain we see a Nissan X-Trail. Surrounding it is a couple of enthusiastic MTB riders. We can’t see who´s inside of the car, but a hand sticks out and signals for the bikers to start. The bikers throw themselves off the mountain, and the X-Trail follows! Top speed and no holding back.

They charge towards a big jump and goes airborne. Then something strange happens. The camera starts in close on one of the bikers in slow motion in mid air, but then the camera quickly retracts, and on the way out we pass first the driver, and then retracting even more, we see a passenger. We are inside the car - in mid air! The driver is a man in his late twenties, ealy thirties - handsome, sporty, confident and relaxed - and at the same time he is having a hard time to remain totally cool since they are mid air in an insane jump, in a car out in the wilderness! BUT, next to him his same age buddy sits, filming with a camera, and he is totally unimpressed and oblivious to what is going on around him. His eyes are instead glued to his cell phone, texting with his friends, all while filming.

The car lands and we see the wheels hit the ground in a close up, showing off the great suspension of the car, and now we are no longer in the mountains, but in a forrest! Behind them BMX riders are somersaulting in a big jump. We now clearly see what kind of awesome car that can pull these kinds of stunts off - a Nissan X-Trail. The car continues through the woods, the buddy still not looking up to appreciate the experience his friend is trying to give him.

The Nissan X-Trail continues to cross a river on a road hidden under water. From the side, a hovercraft or jetski suddenly crosses just behind the car, and in the next instant, a water skier passes in front of the car and splashes the windshield. Still no reaction from the buddy. Whatsoever.

(This is a new suggestion to the river scene. We like the river/canoe scene but think it will be very hard to find a location where the car can drive so close to a river which looks intense enough. Where the river will look good, the car won´t be able to drive. So the canoeists will come of as too soft. We also like the fact that it is the car that is being splashed, putting the car to the test! BUT, of course this is only a suggestion, if the canoe scene already is presented to client and approved, then we will make it work as well!)

The Nissan X-Trail continues on a downhill road in a majestic landscape when suddenly somebody appears next to the car, banging on the passenger side´s window to get some attention. But the buddy just yawns, not impressed. We cut out and follow the car and see how it is surrounded by downhilll skateboarders riding next to the car in spectacular speed. The MBR Riders are joining in, creating a growing following. In the distance we can see the beach.

In the following moment the car is spinning round and round on a beach, sand spraying everywhere. the driver is truly enjoying himself. The buddy is still not taking anything in, just courteously filming everything happening around him.

When we cut out to a high top view of the circulating car, we see several paragliders also flying around in opposite circles, creating an amazing and thrilling visual experience. The car comes to a stop and we see all the Xtremers pulling off their their skills around the good looking car.

The driver, tired from all the intense driving, presses the ProPILOT button. Auto driving starts. And then something extraordinary happens. The buddy looks up and nods with appreciation. This impresses on him! The driver smiles and they drive off on a beautiful bridge in the sunset.


We spent quiet a lot of time discussing about what you told us over the phone, that the film might lack something. That you were concerned that it might be too generic. What would make it one step louder? First of all, it’s naturally the actual action (car moves and athletes), but this is of course a given. Then… we did some thinking and we realised that for us, to make the film stand out from the generic and the ordinary car commercials, we’d like to add two things - humor and character and below is our suggestion on how to do it.


30s. Good looking, but with character. Three day stubble. He loves the outdoors, but he’s not a nature nerd. His style is sporty, but with an edge. We want to create a feeling that he keeps pushing things not only in the outdoors, but in life in general.

We also want our Driver to have sense of humor. His eyes are sharp and his mind is fast. This is a guy you’d not only would like to go fishing or driving with, he’s great at a dinner too.

There are certain things in his costume and styling that gives his character more depth and personality, things that are not only typical outdoors and adventure. He wears a cool ring, maybe a bracelet. And beneath his down vest and a washed out T-shirt (maybe with an old concert logo).


20 years old. A guy with a camcorder, shooting the entire drive. Same looks at the driver, but here’s the likeness ENDS. The passenger is bored. Not impressed, no matter how cool and breathtaking the driving and the situations are. The only thing that interests him is his shots and he’s not getting it. The passenger is the guy who’s seen it all a thousand times on youtube and his lack of interest makes the driver even MORE excited and pushes him to drive faster/wilder. In this difference in attitude lies the dynamic between the two characters and within this lies the humor.

The passenger keeps unimpressed until the very end of the film when the PRO-PILOT is switched on. This makes him interested and he makes his first impressed look: ”Now that’s cool…”

In having two different emotional expressions of the two people in the car, we first and foremost create dynamics and humor. Secondly, the pro-pilot gets the attention it deserves - the guy who’s not impressed by this very impressive driving and these dare devil athletes IS really impressed with the Nissan Pro-Pilot. Thirdly, this adds a final (humours) twist to the film that we think would be great for the conclusion of the story.

A humble suggestion: maybe cast a Japanese youtuber as the passenger? Someone that is used to the camera + to shoot with a camera. Unfortunatley we don’t know any, we are only suggesting this since we are thinking of the Swedish ones and they would work great (if the passenger were to be Swedish that is!!) Maybe even then this youtubers channel could be used later on for helping the 2 min film to go viral . Again, just an idea.


We want the athletes to wear what they usually do, typical for their choice of extreme sport. This is to create a realistic and organic feeling - something that is very important since so many of the shots are so impressive and almost impossible.

The Athletes we want to use are:






We love the adrenaline and the high concept stunts and all the practical action, but what we’d like to add to the mix, to make the film more personal and therefor more engaging, is humor and character. And to do so, we suggest to change the mood of the excited passenger to the "not impressed at all-passenger" (until he sees the Pro-Pilot in the end that is).

We think a lot of humor and warmth will derive from the fact that the driver enjoys himself immensely  because of all the cool things he and his Nissan do, but the passenger remains unimpressed. He yawns and indicates he’s’ seen it all before. That is, until the very end when the driver presses the pro-pilot. Now, that's cool for real to him!

The humor creates dynamic to the film. To cut from over-the-top cool shots to happy driver to… an indifferent passenger. The clash/mix between the action packed imagery and a recognisable and human situation between the driver and the passenger, makes the film even more special and helps to bring out the action even more. Something that would help the film to go viral.


The film is aggressive, hard hitting and exciting, but it’s also realistic. Forget about ”Fast and the Furious” or ”GTA”, we will push reality to make it look more awesome than fantasy!


We want the car to come across as a package of muscles, not backing down for a single challenge. A car that takes the driver where ever he wants to go. It’s not about the roads, it’s about the attitude.

The athletes all interact with the car, flying over it or actually touching it, but never passing it. The car is always faster, always better, but the interaction between the athletes and the car helps conveying the message that they are close, they ”like” each other. And to go to these extreme places to do these extreme sports, theres’ really only one car that will take you there - NISSAN X-TRAIL.

To convey the Nissan X-trail is the real deal when it comes to outdoor and off road, we’d like to add a couple of BADASS CLOSE UPs of the car that emphasises hits/driving/ that few cars could manage, but Nissan just succeeds effortless. As an example:

After the jump, we’d love to have a close shot of when the wheel hits the dirty ground in slow-mo, the dust goes flying and the suspension of the car is pressed to the maximum, but then it moves on, no probs. A shot like this enhances the toughness of the car.


This film has a positive and energy-filled feel to it where breathtaking action meets humor and characters. The colours should be deeply saturated and clear, without a strong tint, rather keep it crisp and clean. A hint of warmth, but not too much. we want to achieve an exclusive look, without it becoming extreme. It should look realistic, yet with an own personality. We worked a lot to achieve this look in our latest TV series MIDNIGHT SUN, below. It should look like rough conditions but still gorgeous.

The editing is classic, but we also want to work with the dynamics here, in terms of passages of fast editing interrupted by a slow motion cut to emphasise something or create a strong dynamic.


For us it is important that the film gets the backdrop it deserves. And at the time of the shoot, the situation is that in the southern hemisphere it is turning towards winter, whereas around the mediterranean it is turning summer. Further up north spring is arriving slowly. Three different weather conditions. Three different feels. Therefor we offer you three different suggestions


Our first suggestion is South Africa, with all its variation and dramatic nature. And this film needs that kind of nature, to show off the Nissan X-Trail in all its glory. The flip side to this is a bigger risk of rain and clouds. For us this is not a problem, since the car is build to endure tough environments, but it is something that should be brought up for discussion.


We have also been investigating Spain if the need of a sunnier feel is important. The talent pool is good and there is a good array of different locations:


Our third option is a bit further up north, namely Scotland. A small country with big variation when it comes to environments, and perhaps the most surprising visually of the three. A mystical feel that lingers around the mountains. Beautiful indeed and a bit of a favourite for us!

As always with locations, and particularly on a job like this, all theses locations are spread out all over the different areas within respective countries, logistics are subject for discussion to bring out the most of the resources we have. There is also an issue of where we are allowed to drive with a car. We are, after all, only visiting Mother Nature.


We like to think that film making is a huge tool box and we usually want to use as many tools there are in that box. Same as with this film. It’s handheld for the dynamics; Techno crane shots for the scope and to be able to pull off some difficult moves; drone shots for geography and action orientation and some CG/GS shots to be able to pull some moves off. BUT, it should always feel real, not over the top.

We will use both real time, slow-mo (to prolong and highlight time and actions) as well as the shutter speed effect (for speed, fluidity and intensity) to create a dynamic flow.

If you want to go loud, you got to bring it all.


No matter what anyone say, we always shoot more than we need and this fact makes a great opportunity to edit a longer version for the web.

But we’d like to combine these extra shots/material with three things.

1. We want one from each athlete team (bikes, boards etc) to have a GoPro that will register each shot and stunt from their POV. This material will be exclusive to the webb 2 minute film.

2. The footage of the camcorder guy, the passenger will be something we also want to use for this film. Also all exclusive material.

3. Pure behind-the-scenes footage of how we pulled the special shots off. We cut together a little film as a flavour in tone and style, please check it here. We’d love to either bring a guy we know who’s responsible for this web film or have someone on location to be responsible to just focus on this.

So, our idea of the Webb film is that it begins as the 30s version, but with the use of go pro + the stuff that is shot from inside the car. THEN, at one specific moment (right before one of the major stunts in middle of the film) we cut to an approx 30 sec clip that is pure behind-the scenes that is very dramatic/funny/captivating. This is hard to tell exactly what it will be since it is real life shot in a documentary style, but as an example how this clip could be: it’s a difficult stunt and the stunts are hesitant. the directors are pushing the stunts. the agency is trying to talk to the producers. the sun is setting and the atmosphere is chaos: there is just no way we are going to get this difficult shot!!! AND THEN, we return back to the film and we see the shot and it works beautiful! It all worked out:)

Then we continue the film with the extra material+the go pros and we keep it to the end.

As a note, the 2 min version will have much more time to spend with the driver+passenger and here we see a possibility to add even more personal flavour.

Finally, one suggestion that we’d love to hear your opinion on is this: maybe one should do short and snappy interviews with the different athletes where they all in some way exclaim their surprise and astonishment over the fact that the Nissan X-trail actually managed to go down those special roads/tracks.

Thanks for giving us the chance to propose these thoughts to you and an even bigger thanks for taking the time reading our ideas. We hope you like them because we’d love to shoot this! Please note that none of this is set in stone so if there’s anything you feel hesitant about or think is downright wrong, let’s discuss and make it better!


Mårlind & Stein

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