AMA: A Story of the Trans-Atantic Slave Trade the dehumanization and brutal treatment of slaves

How were slaves treated and were seen less than humans?

The end of 16th century, iron stick amputation, other extremely brutal forms of punishment became rare as means of controlling slaves. But the beating continued causing slaves most catastrophic physical and psychological trauma. females would also get the same treatment as males, overseers and fellow slaves forced to administer their masters punishment. They also had to watch their family members get brutally beaten.

Did the treatment vary depending on gender?

It did vary with all the brutal beating on women and with the women being raped also when the women had baby's they would be separated from their mothers. "hinder the development of the child's affection towards its mother, and to blunt and destroy the natural affection of the mother for the child. This is the inevitable result".

What was the point of the de-humanizating treatment?

The reasons why slave masters treated slaves in de-humanization is that they control them too much and the slaves start getting weaker and weaker, and if they try fighting back there's no way they can because they don't have any power. The women would also get raped and by the breeding by the women brought down the esteem of both women and men and would confuse the little children.

Could slaves regain their humanity?

Slaves can't regain their humanity due to the fact that they don't have right to speak up for themselves and can't fight for their rights. They don't have the rights to call the police to protect them nor, take them to court because they didn't have rights to change the way they were getting treated. During the civil war that's when they gained some rights but didn't have full rights to fight for how they were being treated.

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