Newsletter - in COVID time #1 Raise your ICT skills in raised gardens

march 2020 - june 2020 πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡°

The schools were closed in Slovakia from March to June.

All the project activities were moved into online space

We focused our videoconference lessons on the different topics... but all of them were related to the nature, ecology, agriculture, growing....

Here are some examples of online lessons

soil pH

What soil pH is good for vegetables?

Firstly we talked about the general facts. We asked the pupils what is soil, what does it consist of, what is its importance, what is pH...
We determined soil pH according to weed presence
We also described the analysis of soil pH with using of indicator papers
Last determination of pH was with using digital laboratory system and pH sensor

soil moisture

Is soil moisture important for seed germination?

This lesson was focused on soil moisture as one of the main important factors which effect plant growing and plant cycle
The experiment which was a part of the lesson was provided only by teacher's demonstration

pH of water

What water pH is typical for clean water?

The main aim of the lesson was to find out that water pH is the indicator of water quality or on the other side water pollution
Pupils got the knowledge on water importance, biologically clean water and acid rains which negative influence the soil quality

plant movement

Are plants able to move?

We asked the students basic question if the plants are able to move
After students answers we explained them the difference between active and passive plant movement and what is plant irritation
The second problem task for students was how to record plant movement and which devices we can use...

Thanks to Erasmus+ memories from LLTA we could use our own video recording from botanic garden where we saw "Mimosa pudica".

This plant is specific because of its reaction after mechanical irritation, temperature change or light change and this movement is visible to the naked eye.

Interactions between plants and animals

Are the plants depended on animals and vice versa?

The lesson was focused on the relationship between plant and animals including humans
We used some photos from previous lessons at school to support pupils' imagination and knowledge about photosyntesis.

We demonstrated experiment through the video in which Laboratory system was used. This laboratory system belongs to our laboratory equipment so we hope we will practice all these experiments after going back at school.


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