Pupusa Palace El salvador

Welcome to El Salvador's special palace. Pupusa Palace! Our main dish is our Pupusas con Curtido.
Some beverages are the popular drinks in Mexico known as 'Jarritos', they come in many different flavors such as...strawberry, mango, fruit punch, lime, orange and many more flavors.
We also have Horchata, this drink includes almonds and rice. It's a little bit like almond milk but not exact.
Some of our appetizers areā€¦
Piccadillo de cerdo cone verduras. Vegetables with pork. This appetizer contains mostly of onions, tomatoes, pots, carrots, garlic cloves, and peppers with pork.

Same old nachos

Next up, your regular old nachos with our delicious home made salsa!!
Now introducing our Entrees. Two different types of tamales and the famous Salvadoran pupusas.
Chicken Tamales include corn husks, chicken flavored powder, skinless, boneless chicken breasts and thighs, cilantro, garlic, hot salsa (green), salt, dried ancho chile, dough and flour.

These on top are my personal favorite, chicken tamales, and right underneath is our corn tamales.

Corn tamales are practically made the same way chicken tamales are but with corn.

Here you see our main dish, the most common known food in El Salvador. Pupusas con Curtido, they include beans, and shredded mozzarella cheese in a tortilla. May sound simple but it is delicious.
Now introducing our desserts...

Here you see Empanadas and Pan Dulce.

Empanadas have many different flavors but ours are the famous Empanadas made from bananas. The main ingredients are bananas obviously, milk, cinnamon, rice flour, vanilla and salt is optional.
Pan Dulce, sweet bread in English, is a type of bread eaten in many cultures. Some people eat it as breakfast but we use it as a dessert because it is a sweet way to end your meal. We provide you with milk to eat this with.

And that there is my Salvadoran restaurant, Pupusa Palace. Thank you.

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