A Cell Is Like a the empire state building

The cell wall keeps all the cell organelles inside of cell, the organelles all stay the way they are supposed to.

The Empire State Building walls keep everything inside and holds everything together in one building, like the cell does with the organelles.

The nucleus helps the most in the cell and in a way runs the cell.

The manager runs the Empire state building and makes sure everything stays the way it's suppose to.

The cell membrane adjusts what goes in an out of the cell.

The designers that worked there when they built the building adjust what stayed and left the Empire State Building to make the building look it's best.

A cell nuclear envelope separates the DNA of a cell from the cytosol.

The Empire State Building "employee's only" doors separate the places where everyone can go to the places where only employees are allowed.


Created with images by Phil_Parker - "Brick wall"

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