Eight Stages of Genocide: Holocaust payton grodaes - ELA B30



Segregating specific groups due to racial, religious, or ethnic differences.

i.e. Hitler and Christian followers were threatened by the Judaism religion

Identification went as far as physical appearance. Hair colour, eye color, and skin tones came into play, and an average Aryan appearance was superior

Blonde haired, blue eyed


-Promote and celebrate diverse identities

-Oppose political powers and leaders who are vocal about racism and plans for division



Defining people by a symbolistic name or making them wear an article to identify them

i.e. Derogatory names used to refer to Jewish people: "vermin", "swine", "Hebes" (derived from the word Hebrew)

i.e. Had to wear the yellow Star of David to be identified outside of the camps while Swastikas were worn on the uniforms of Nazi soldiers


Outlaw the use of hate symbols and classify derogatory names as hate speech

Also, reject negative classification systems

i.e.-Yellow stars became insignificant in parts of France and Bulgaria because Jews refused to wear them and Christian community members felt no need to turn them in because of disagreeance with the Nazis.



When a hate group denies the humanity of a group of people, that makes them feel comfortable and able to justify mass killings.

i.e. Jew's were often referred to as animals to dehumanize them; rats, vermin, dogs, swine, etc.

The bodies of victims are often mutilated to show intention of dehumanization.

i.e. Jewish people were often burned or thrown into a pit with an abundance of other dead corpses. People were also mutilated by medical practices performed by "doctors"


Again, the use of derogatory language should be viewed as inappropriate and illegal as it is a form of hate speech. This will prevent the normalization of use and diminish comfort levels of hate groups.



The event of genocide is not done on a whim. It is carried out after intensive planning, therefore there has to be an organization of people being supported and funded by a higher up.

i.e. Nazi's were organized by Adolf Hitler who was a German political leader. This way, Nazi's had all resources (firearms, vehicles, etc.) to exterminate the Jews.


Make membership of hate groups illegal



Isolation to a greater degree than classification. Propaganda is used in all forms (newspaper articles, TV commercials, posters, school teachings, radio broadcasts) to notify public to stay away from a specific group or to spread dislike

i.e. Since the Jewish people didn't fit the standard, it was told to citizens that they were not even of European descent.


Protest segregation

Oppose coup d'etats (government overthrows)



Taking segregated groups into custody, stockpiling of weapons to exterminate

i.e. Collected Jewish people into ghettos before taking them to concentration camps

Identified Jews with tattooed barcodes to organize them into the camps


Listen to rumors and pleads for help to stop continuation



The act of mass killing being carried through

i.e. Jewish people were exterminated by gunshot, euthanasia, merciless labour, starvation, hangings , and gas chambers,


Physical force should be taken immediately by military forces, with safe zones for the cultural group guarded by military protection



Denying all accusations of the truth

i.e. Some people say that Jewish people over dramatized their experiences to gain sympathy


Public trials

Truth commisions

Education for younger generations

It is important to identify the stages and learn from history to make sure it is not repeated





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