"Family" the summary

This tuesday with Morrie is about family how it's important to love your family and how family is one of the best thing to have. Morrie talks about how if he didn't have a family and have this disease would be much harder on him so family help him go through this. He also talks about that family will always have your back to help you. Morrie is also sad that he is going to leave his family because of this disease. Morrie is still teaching Mitch about life and how to live it to be happy. Morrie also talks about his younger brother David and how he doesn't talk to any of them no more. He also mentioned how they were opposite.

the Author wrote "Love is so supremely important. as our great poet Auden said, 'love each other or perish'."

Mitch leaned from this lesson was that without out love he would perish alone and sad with no to have his back. This is what morrie is trying to teach Mitch.

The symbol in this tuesday is love for your family and loved one. this is the symbol because he shows his family love everyday and he wants to love them to the end.

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