Circus Portfolio Cate Mabry

Series of print ads that feature untraditional relationships between a Yeti and other mythical creatures. These ads will be catered to difference audiences via their distribution in certain types of magazines.
Will show a wookie and a yeti holding up a rambler cup.

Your face may melt, but we assure you, your ice won’t. Ramble on.

This friendship between a yeti and a wookie—unbelievably cool. Yeti coolers—Unbelievably cold.

Bigfoot print*

Built for the Wild. Unbelievably cold.

Offshore fisherman (yeti dressed in waiters) reeling in nessie in the background*

Reeling in this catch of a lifetime—unbelievably cool. Yeti Coolers—Unbelievably cold.

Campaign based on the idea: BUILT FOR THE... WILD/JOURNEY/FIELD

holding a rambler cup instead of hat*

Keeps it cold for a whole lot longer than eight seconds. Built for the wild.

Finally, a cup fit for the ramblin' man. Built for the Wild.

Yeti Ramblers. Built for the Journey.

A cup of steel for the man of steel. Built for the Wild.

What do you get for the man of steel? A cup of steel. Built for the Wild.

Billboard would feature popular hometeam player of particular location

He doesn’t use a flimsy cup. Neither should you.

A flimsy cup serves no purpose on or off the field.

On the field, a man needs a cup of steel.

A man and his son sitting underneath a Christmas tree opening presents. Man opens yeti chest cooler and son has a treasure chest full of toys*

Traditions shouldn't change. Neither should your ice to water.

A man's chest should protect the real treasure.

(Commercial with a red solo cup being destroyed by a hydraulic press)

It's time for a cup that does more than hold your beer--the pressure's on.

Campaign launched to emphasize that cheap champagne is the perfect way to celebrate life’s small accomplishments. Emphasizes quantity over quality.

Champagne Campaign

A toast to something cheap and dry

Make Champagne Cheap Again


Shows a station with people tasting two samples of a drink.

In a random study, our participants found that they preferred the taste of andre champagne to a well know, harder to pronounce brand with that bright orange label.

“Just Kidding” text flashes on screen.

Just kidding.

Close up of bubbles and a solo cup being poured.

We’re not here to tell you that our champagne is the best tasting or most sophisticated. But its cheap. And bubbly. And it tastes good. So, whether you're celebrating, on a budget, or just in the mood to party, drink Andre.

The gatorade container would be a giant Andre bottle*

For times when quantity trumps quality. Andre, the Champagne of Champions.

Commercial that explains how the name is pronounced.

Sound of cork popping (swish--like a whoosh that sounds like "veuve"), followed by two champagne glasses toasting and clinking (clink) , then a close up of lipsticked lips saying (ohhh)

Celebratory Pronunciation. Veuve Clicquot, it's all in the name.


Moo-vers and Shakers

This billboard would feature a 3-D cow drinking a milkshake through a twisty straw that spells "Congrats"

Here's to the Future--Congratulations to the Class of 2017

Free Milkshake coupons would be given out at local graduations.

Commercial that promotes sensitive toothpaste to men
Man in vanity mirror with frost stuck to hair and beard. Brushing teeth with an icicle.

Brushing your teeth shouldn't hurt. Our version of cool mint is more "other side of the pillow" than "biting straight into an ice cream cone". It's not sensitive, it's subtle.

At my school, Parking Services is probably the most hated organization on campus. In an effort to change their bad rap, this campaign will appeal to the students with humor, self-deprecation, and offer an incentive for "ticket forgiveness."

We know, we know. We're not the most popular or the best dressed (c'mon those orange vests don't do us any favors), but we're here to stop the stigma--parking officers DO have souls. We don't drink the tears of students. We don't get a rush slapping an envelope on your dashboard. Contrary to popular belief, we'd rather you spend your last few bucks on that pitcher of beer, not on a ticket. We understand that sometimes the difference between running late and missing a test is that illegal parking spot. We believe you, the meter just ran out. So, we're going to cut you a break. From now on, we are offering one-time Ticket Forgiveness for all the violations we gave out last month. Come talk to us (we won't bite), and let your friends know via Twitter or Instagram #POshavesouls and we'll waive one minor parking violation.

To promote the ALL PINK limited edition packages, this playful digital campaign will follow the highschool drama of "Pink" and the rest of the Starburst gang. Similar to the lighthearted Skittles and Sour Patch branding, these ads will appear on Instagram, SnapChat, and Television.


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