Who is the artist?

The Doors

What is the name of the song?

The Unknown Soldier

When was it recorded/released?


What other (if any) famous songs do they sing?

Break on Through (To the Other Side), The End, and Light My Fire (top 3)

What do you think the lyrics of the song mean?

Breakfast where the news is read

Television children fed

Unborn living, living, dead

Bullet strikes the helmet's head....



Hut ho hee up



Hut ho hee up



Hut ho hee up





I think the song generally means that one unknown soldier who is in the middle of the militia going on between the US and South Vietnam in Viet Cong. The Military chants represent that the war is still going on around the soldier. It explains in the second verse of the song that if the military soldiers were home they could be with their family, especially enjoying time with their children.

How do they relate to or reflect the time period?

The song relates to the time period because the song was released the same time the war with Vietnam took place.

What is taking place in history when the song was recorded or popular?

The Tet Offensive started what was taking place with South Vietnam and the US fighting at Viet Cong. The war also was at its pinnacle during this time as well.

What was the overall inspiration and message of the lyrics of the song?

I think the overall message and inspiration of the lyrics is that the war was a big time in the 60s in history. Both sides who fought had to really battle to win, it was a tough fight. The war was long and many soldiers continued to fight on both sides (US and Vietnam) so many small militaristic battles took place.

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