Public House Media 2018 Media Kit

About Public House Media

Our mission is to improve the quality of conversation on the internet, to give a voice to those with something to say, and to bring forth and nurture a community.

Public House Media was founded in June 2017 by Baxter Colburn. After years of working in the media industry, Colburn realized the conversation on the internet needed to change. Now.

Founder: Baxter Colburn

PHM is a place where anyone from a podcasting newbie to a media veteran can come and call home. We always welcome new additions to our network and encourage people to send us their demo to see if you are a good fit for our network.




Public House Media utilizes the power of social media to reach a vast majority of our listeners. However, our biggest way we grow each show and the network overall is word of mouth and personal marketing from our show hosts.

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Our Audience

Female Audience: 54% of listeners: 20% between the ages 25-34. 11% between the ages of 35-44.

Male Audience: 46% of listeners: 19% between ages 25-34. 8% between the ages of 35-44.

All our shows are based in the United States
The mobile audience continues to grow and shape the podcast industry. Our listeners are no different!

On-Demand Plays: 50,000+ & Downloads: 70,000+

Why Join Public House Media?

  1. We supply a team of audio enginers to keep each episode you submit sounding its best
  2. We carry a team of social media marketers who promote every new show episode on our PHM platforms.
  3. A leadership team that works with your show personally to constantly help, develop, and offer guidance any way we can to grow your audience.
  4. Actively shopping each show to sponsors. We follow the 60/40 model for sponsorship dollars divided.
  5. Each show on PHM receives their own merchandise store. Hosts keep 50% of all profits earned through selling their show merchandise.
  6. A community of podcasters who love what they do and ultimately want to help each other grow to their ultimate potential.

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For Questions or more information contact us at Pubhousemedia@gmail.com

Created By
Baxter Colburn


Created with images by Jonathan Velasquez - "Condenser microphone in a studio"

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