Indonesia Earth Quake By Eric johnson

Sumatra, Indonesia Dec.26,2004 It was a normal day in Indonesia when all of a sudden a 9.3 magnitude earthquakes shook the ground and started chaos.

This is a picture of the earthquake and it's massive spread of destruction.

As the earthquake hit an Indonesia earthquake center off the coast of the river picked it up on the receptors and tried to warn the villages with a siren but it was to late.

The villages got to collapsing and destroyed homes and injured a lot of people and was considered a natural disaster.

Sumatra was devastated with deaths from the earthquake which triggered a tsunami and killed a lot more people the death rates 126,741

The tsunami destroyed a lot of Indonesia's land and houses and villages and injured thousands.

Indonesia has had hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and had to rebuild and recover over the next couple years.


Created with images by DFAT photo library - "Sourcing wood for temporary shelters" • Silver Blu3 - "Northern Sumatra quake on 11th April 2012" • DFAT photo library - "Indonesia stadium hospital" • yisris - "Tsunami catastrophe"

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