Magical Bridge Club's Kindness Component By samantha Mcbride

Magical Bridge club President Emma Villarreal (left) and senior Andrew Park place their painted hands on one of the kindness component's chairs on Friday at club day on the quad. Their handprints will represent their inclusion to the Paly's campus.
The unveiling of the Magical Bridge club's kindness component took place at club day on Friday. The tables and chairs were designed and built by Barbara Butler who also built the tree house at the Palo Alto Magical Bridge Playground.
Black Scholars United (BSU) club president and Magical Bridge club Vice President Naima Castaneda Isaac places her painted hand on the chair dedicated to BSU. BSU donated money for the kindness component. In return, a chair is dedicated to the two clubs. "For me, it felt like a really proud moment for our club and how far paly has come," Isaac said. "It's really satisfying to see our clubs hard work pay off in such a beautiful way. It was also very cool to see how our furniture brought so many different paly students together. I'm very honored, proud and excited to have a lasting impact on spreading kindness and inclusivity in the paly community."
Students were able to participate in the decorating of the kindness component. They were given a range of decorating options from putting handprints on the chairs to painting a piece of art.
Sophomores Makayla Miller and Mahogany Grissom decorate the BSU's chair.
The BSU club used the chair as a vessel to send a message to the greater community about inclusion and human rights. The finished product included a message on the back that said "hands up, don't shoot" and "black lives matter" on the front.
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