The Mythical Phoenix by elle srisaman

About the Phoenix

The Phoenix was known over thousands of years ago. It is so old it saw the world collapse 3 times above us people. The Phoenix is a myth that was spread to countries all over the world. There is an intelligent bird is known by China, Greece, and Egypt. There is only one Phoenix in the world, it dies every 500 years and will be reborn to be the same Phoenix. That is why it is known to be the symbol of life after death. The Phoenix has beautiful feathers. Blue, purple, green, gold, and scarlet are all on its body. The name “Phoenix” means love, skill, exception, oneness, surprise, and absence.

The Chinese Phoenix and the Phoenix We All know

The Chinese Phoenix is called “Fenghuang”. and the original is called the Phoenix. It looks more like a peacock and people believe that it helps them stay away from snakes. The Phoenix that every one knows just calms the Sun God with it’s singing. The Fenghuang has the beak of a parrot, the face like a swallow, the forehead of a fowl, the tail of a peacock, and the legs of a Crain. The Phoenix just has the face of a falcon and the rest of it’s body has it’s own design.

The Cartoon Chinese Phoenix

The Phoenix's Story

The Phoenix died over and over again...

Thousands of years ago, there was Phoenix who lived on a mountain in Saudi Arabia. This Phoenix sang for the sun god named Ra. 500 years past by and the Phoenix grew weaker every day. He asked the sun god if he could help him be young again. Ra agreed to help. But the Phoenix must do as he says. He needs to find twigs, sticks, and myrrh to make a nest. The Phoenix found all the ingredients and stood in the nest. Suddenly the Phoenix burned into ashes and the same Phoenix came out, but it was younger. " Every when you feel like dying just step into the nest." said Ra. From then on the Phoenix lived forever.

The Phoenix


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