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Dear Birth Parents,

It is hard to believe we are finally at this point in our journey where we will soon meet you. The feelings are overwhelming. Honestly, we are nervous and anxious to meet you, yet we eagerly await the call. We strongly believe there is a reason we are writing this and you are reading it. God has a plan in mind and we believe He called you to us and us to you. We don’t believe he would lead us astray. (Down a bumpy path, yes, but not astray.) We write to you knowing you are making the biggest decision of your life. This decision will ultimately change our lives and your life forever, but we know it will shine light in our world for the rest of our days. That light will be a child who brings so much joy and love to many people all because of you. In no way can we express our gratitude to you for making this selfless decision. We can only show you every day through our love and devotion to you and our (yours and our) baby forever. We hope to make you proud as parents and hope to be the parents you are wishing for.

With love,

Grant & Christina


We met in college in the fall of 2008 and instantly had a bond due to similar upbringings. With both of us growing up on a farm and having tight-knit families, it didn’t take long for us to know we were meant for each other and we married in April 2010. As cheesy as it sounds, we were inseparable. Christina was "one of the boys" and was always with Grant and his crew. We were rarely seen apart. We enjoyed living in Hays for a few years but quickly realized we wanted to be near family so we moved close to where Christina was raised. After a long and unsuccessful road to conceive on our own, we have turned fully to the Lord who brought us to Catholic Charities and ultimately you.

Just a couple of kids recently engaged!
Working together running the booth trying to sell turkey decoys during the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) Convention at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, TN.
We enjoy spending many hours in the marsh watching the sun rise and waiting for the ducks to come in. There are times it's slow and we don't see many birds, but it gives us time to drink our coffee and enjoy the beauty around us. Plus, it gives Christina a chance to snap a pic of Grant!

Meet Grant

I was raised on a farm near a small town in south central Kansas with my dad, mom, brother and sister. Growing up, the outdoors was an important part of our family. We spent a good portion of our lives working on the farm with dad and grandpa. Working hard and being honest were the most respected values in our family. My Grandpa always told us, "You better learn to like work, because you have to do it the rest of your life." So with that, I have tried to live up to those standards. Today, I continue this by running a full-time bird taxidermy and decoy shop. Building and wood crafting, making decoys and taxidermy are some of my favorite things to do. Being a craftsman and artist has followed me in my work for my entire life. Luckily the good Lord has gifted me with this talent that has provided a great job for me and my family. Nowadays, I love taking family and friends outdoors where we hunt, fish and enjoy the natural beauty God has created for us. Christina and I spend most of our free winter days waiting for the sun to rise over the marsh while duck hunting. There is nothing better in this world than a hot cup of coffee and a good sunrise.

Grant's first day of Kindergarten!!
As kids, my brother, sister and I would frequently visit our favorite fishing holes. Here I am holding the catch of the day with some of our friends.
Grant (on the left) with his dad, sister and brother.
Every year I hone in my taxidermy skills and have recently started participating in competitions. The past two years, I have won first place in the waterfowl division at the Kansas Association of Taxidermist's Competition. My goal is to one day win a national competition and eventually a world title.
Fishing is one of my favorite hobbies during the summer months. Here I am with our niece at Christina's family's pond. We could barely keep a line in as the fish took every worm we cast.
Being an artist of sorts gives me many different jobs. Above, I'm carving a duck decoy for a prototype for our decoy company. I merely start with a ball of clay and transform it into a goose, sandhill crane, or turkey. Each one can take days or even a week to complete.

Meet Christina

I grew up on a farm in central Kansas with my dad, mom, and three sisters. As the youngest of four girls, I was always tagging along hoping to be part of the action. Our family devoted Sunday mornings for church, and evenings for sit-down home-cooked meals. Meanwhile, we spent our free time outside enjoying the weather and wide open spaces. We always had farm cats and dogs roaming around, and every once in a while, we would adopt a baby calf who lost its mom, one of whom we named Patrick. In school, I participated in sports and found a love for basketball and volleyball. During college, I played recreational volleyball and still play on a few teams for fun. Spending time with family and friends, having a fish fry and playing cards games are some of my favorite things to do. Grant and I couldn't ask for more when it comes to the people in our lives.

My sisters and I enjoyed helping our mom in the garden picking green beans, cantaloupe, and corn among many other vegetables. We still visit the farm regularly to munch on fresh veggies our parents so generously share with us. I'm the one in the middle! Pictured with me are my sisters: Jess on the left, Liz behind me, and Theresa on the right.
I was fascinated with the baby calves and would jump in the corral every chance I got! The new babies needed extra looking after in my eyes, which included lots of attention and plenty of loving!
Riding with dad in the combine or driving to the elevator with mom or grandma in the wheat truck were the highlights of harvest. I continue to run to the farm during harvest and ride with my mom to unload grain.
My parents have been married 44 years and have a bond like no other which has been passed down to us four girls. Our parents have impressed upon us what makes a good marriage and have given us all something to strive for. My sisters and I are very close; we have stood by each other in our weddings, thrown baby showers for one another and continue to support each other in all our endeavors.
Growing up, cousins were a big part of my life; we never missed a birthday party or special event! I'm excited to pass on the traditions we grew up sharing. Check out this crew who is eagerly awaiting the 100th member of our family.

These are our people

We aren't the only ones ready to open our hearts to this child. We have so many people waiting with us and supporting our journey.

Our families and friends support us every day. They are eagerly awaiting the newest member of our family with us. Our families are our strength in good times and bad; our friends celebrate and mourn with us; we all love each other, and we have so much more love to share.

As you can see, family is a large part of our lives. Together we have 12 aunts and 11 uncles, 39 first cousins and 62 second cousins and counting. Throughout the year we come together for special events and holidays (especially Christmas on Christina’s dad’s side of the family), spontaneous weekend barbecues, hunting outings, family trips, and more. Some of our favorite activities with friends and family are those enjoyed outdoors - our families have hunted for generations, and we continue this and hope to pass the tradition down to our children. Our fathers and grandfathers instilled in us hunting ethics and hearts for wildlife conservation and outdoor living; it is a privilege and we don't take it for granted.

Our immediate families

Christina's family recently celebrated Drake's (in the grey suit) First Communion. It is very exciting when someone accomplishes a big task or achievement they have been striving for. We definitely love to celebrate and enjoy each other's company during these times.

Recently, we visited the coast in Texas with Grant’s family, which is something we hadn’t experienced since our trip in 2009. We try to take a family vacation every few years; a few years ago we went to Yellowstone National Park! Who knows where we will go next and by then we hope to have more members of the family!

Whew, you made it! Thanks for sticking with us. We are delighted at the thought of meeting you and holding the honor of becoming parents. We've grown up in a family-oriented setting our whole lives and have dreamed we would become parents one day. Our dreams have brought us to you, so if you are ready, please contact Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas at (620) 792-1393.

Lori Titsworth (620) 792-1393 or ltitsworth@catholiccharitiesswks.org
Amy Falcon (620) 227-1590 or afalcon@catholiccharitiesswks.org

We have been fortunate to work with these two ladies, mainly Lori. They have been with us every step of the way. They too, will support you and help you with any questions you may have.

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