environment and sustainability by Yasmina Coltofean

We are the caretakers of our planet , scroll down to find out more information!

Four things to address: Plastic , Transport , Food and energy


About 1.5 million pieces of plastic drop into oceans every day . Fish and seals think that this is food so their stomachs would fill up with plastic and would eventually die or even be extinct . However , there is a way to prevent this from happening , if every one follows the 3Rs this will stop.


Many people use cars to get from A-Z but what people may not know is that cars produce a lot of pollution . Fortunately , there are some cars that don't pollute the air as much as other cars ,these cars are known as electric cars.


Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries . Did you know that avocados have the highest protein . Also cabbage is 91% water and apples are 25% air which is why they float.

Did you know that Honey is the only food that never expires?


Over 35 million barrels of oil in the ocean every year . Did you know that in about 50 years we'll run out of oil and gas? The sun consistently radiates 173 quadrillion walts of energy on planet Earth.

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