Core values Lance benoit

Lance Benoit

Core values

Part Tillman had many values he held close but I believe the 3 most important values he believed in was knowledge, confidence and freedom.

The first example is about Pat Tillman's knowledge. When his high school coach wouldn't let him play offense or defense because they were killing the opposing team. So pat went out on special teams for kickoff and returned the ball for a touchdown and proceeded to approach his coach and plead “you said nothing about special teams” and jogged away.

I think the biggest value the pat Tillman owns is confidence. He had the guts to trade his football all star career for a life in the army to protect his country. I personally would not withhold the bravery to trade a professional baseball career for military work.

My final core value on pat Tillman is his freedom. Back to him joining the military. His parents didn't want him to drop his football career but he knew he had the freedom to do so And when he jumped off the cliff to that tree. He knew it was dumb but he did it just because he had the freedom to do it.

My most important core values would be courage

Self reliance and fun/humor

An example of my courage was in 8th grade when I decided not to go to Clinton high school. I chose to switch to nashoba for my high school years. It was very scary at first but I'm glad I did it because I wouldn't be who I am now if I went to Clinton.

I'm pretty much self reliant for everything. I do mostly everything myself. Buying a truck working on that truck. Not being afraid to do something my self that I have not tried before.

A huge part of my life is having fun and being humorous as much as I can. I try to make everything some sort of funny or fun for me. I like to make people laugh and I like the feeling of not having the stress of taking things super serious that I don't need to.

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