Williamsburg and James Geddy Jr. By Benjamin Wu

Day 1: March 7, 2017, Jamestown

A Lead Sinker

This is a tool used by the English to measure how deep the water it. This prevents the ship from going into shallow waters and getting stuck. It is simply a lead sinker attached to a long rope with markers along the rope marking the feet. What you do is drop the tool into the water until it hits the bottom of the body of water. Then pull the rope up and mark the place where the rope became wet to dry. Then they measure the distance and know how deep it is.

Tobacco Drying Shed

This is a tobacco drying shed or a warehouse where they dry and store tobacco. Tobbaco is a cash crop that is grown widely on plantations throughout Virginia. Tobacco needs to be dried before it can be smoked. This house hangs up the tobacco on the ceiling while it dries which then can be packed and shipped to Europe.

Day 2: March 8, 2017, Williamsburgh

Cooper Shop
Wood Shavings

This shop was a shop where a cooper worked which is a person that barrels and other wood containers (Mugs and buckets). The shop had some machines at the side with very curly wooden shavings that were trimmed off of the wood with the machines. There were also lots of metal rings that were fitted around the barrels at the widest parts. This is because people that then didn't use glue but used rings instead.

Goods Available in The Shop

Many things are available in the cooper shop. Some things that are made in a cooper shop are barrels, mugs, cups, mini barrels and buckets. These are made by carving and shaving different pieces of wood. To order items, you would go to the shop and request them which would later be able to be picked up.

The Wythe House

The Wythe house was where George Wythe and his life lived. I am James Geddy Jr. who is one of the most known silversmiths and a successful businessman. Although I was very successful and had a decent amount of money, I was considered a upper middle because I still used my "hands" to work. George Wythe was part of the gentry class and was higher ranking so it probably wouldn't of been appropriate if I visited him..

A Bedroom

This is a bedroom in the Wythe house. It includes a bed, cabinet, chair, and a desk which is out of camera view. The chair and desk might be where he did rather informal things such as informal writing. Main writing would probably done in an office that was specially designated for that job.

The Dining Table

This is my favorite part of the Wythe house (I like food). The Whythe's along with other gentry families that were visiting. There were 3 courses to each meal. The meal normally included to 2 courses of meat including turkey, steak and kidney pie, and chicken with mush. Finally, the would be a sweet course, maybe candy or pastries.

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