Permanent Weight Loss We are ending the cycle of dieting

Weight loss does not begin with losing weight

Start at the begining

Weight loss begins with a conscious decision to commit to a process of seeing yourself differently

understanding your attitudes and habits involving food

Know how to manage your lifestyle in a way that lends to your body’s inherent drive for balance and ability to heal.

It's all about balance!

You can keep the foods you can't live without!

We help you develop your plan of action, so every step is seamless!

We will guide you in incorporating more nutrition into your life!

We are your team and your cheerleaders! Together we can do this!

This is an integrative approach that will assure you have the stable nutritional foundation that you need to maintain the weight loss that you will achieve during the program and the knowledge to continue your weight loss journey on your own.

6 week program -$350

5 seminars (2 onsite / 3 online)

Weekly check in (AM & PM options)

3 fitness classes per week

Nutritional Wellness Scan

1 Personal Nutrition consult

15% discount on Yoga & Qigong

15% discount on all other services

Email support

Nutritional Support packages will be available for purchase

Focusing on healthy weight loss and sustainable lifestyle changes


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