Harn Museum Tour By Tristin Dailey (background picture is Hiram Williams picture of the "Swimming Gator" captured by Tristin Dailey on Feb 22

This Museum exhibits many different types of arts including: paintings, carvings, drawing, gardens, clothing and more. It also gives the different outlooks on art through different culture throughout varying nations.

Medium and Technique

Photo by Tristin Dailey 22 Feb of Ghanaian's "Old Man's Cloth"

I chose to explore this artistic technique because I found it very interesting that the artist used metals (particularly Aluminum and Copper wire) in order to create a masterpiece representing cloth. Ghanaian chose a completely different material but gave it patterns of flowing motion in order to convey a look of a cloth moving in a wave like fashion. This design piece was masterfully done and looks amazing for what its trying to convey

Design of the Museum

Picture taken of the Garden in the Asian wing of the Museum by Tristin Dailey Feb 22

This one section of the museum had a louder call to me than the rest of the museum. This is again because it threw a different kind of idea into the normal "museum" feel. When listening to the audio recording for this section, the area was set up to convey tranquility with their layout. I found that the garden with a smooth flowing waterfall and the natural aspects of this section to tie the "soothing" section together very nicely. I did not expect this type of exhibit, which gave it an interesting design layout, but it definitely contributed towards its tranquility goal.

Art and Core Values

Picture taken by Tristin Dailey Feb 22 in front of the Kahlo...Mirrors section (no artists listed clearly below painting)

As we have read earlier in the year, this is a portrait of Frida Kahlo. Her portraits probably appealed the most to some of my core values. One of the main ones is confidence and believing in yourself. I believe that Kahlo embodies these in her portraits. She wears clothing that isn't common of the time, but is confident enough in her own image and knowledge of herself to not care. She also has the well known mark of a unibrow. This is another beauty failure according to society at the time, but she still expresses herself with confidence. Her portraits show me that she has an enormous amount of confidence in herself above even her societal opinion of herself.

Art and the Good Life

Photo of triad of Kuba masks by anonymous photographer captured by Tristin Dailey Feb 22

I believe that this picture is an excellent representation of celebrating and sharing the good life. This picture is of the rulers of a certain African group called the Kuba. It shows the masks which is the artistic form of celebration and honors towards the people in charge of the tribes. It looks like some form of group gathering was happening immediately previous to this picture being taken. The people have come together to pay their respects towards their elders and wise leaders shown with masks to convey power and authority.

The End

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