The Circulatory System Selina S October 19th 2016

Fact or Fiction......

A heart is a big as our foot.

The heart


A human heart is as big as a human's FIST.

Fact or fiction......

Animal fat as such as an egg can help our arteries.

The artery


Animal fat as an egg can CLOG our arteries.

fact or fiction.......

Within a tiny droplet of blood it contanes 5 million red blood cells.

The red blood cells


Red blood cells are so small it is a microscopic thing.

fact or fiction,

The heart beats around 3 trillion times in the averages person's life.

A human's heart.


The heart beats around 3 BILLION times in the averages of a person's life.

fact or fiction,

We can make the heart damaged by exercising.

The heart and it's passage ways.


We can make our HEALTHY by exercising.

fact or fiction......

It takes about 15 seconds for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

A pile of red blood cells in a body.


It takes about 20 SECONDS for a red blood cell to circle the whole body.

Our circulatory system.

Four more fun facts for you!

1.About 8 million cells die in the human body every second and the same numbers are born in each second.

2.Red blood cells make approximately 250,000 round trips of the body before returning to the marrow they were born. blood cells may live for 4 months circulating thought the body, feeding 6 trillion other body cells.

4.Daniel Green's heart beated 26 times per. min., and it broke the world's record.

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