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Hi, my name is Isabella Rosario and I am a student at Oxford High School. My hobbies include playing basketball, soccer, and field hockey. Photography is something that I've always wanted to do. I hope you enjoy my page as much as me!

On the left side of your screen you will see an odd combination of objects including; shells, feathers, a beer cap, and half of a bracelet. In my picture I used the composition of symmetry. Bringing your attention to the right side of your screen you will see an online picture I found that also shows strong symmetry. In both of the photos you can see, they show the definition of having symmetry. In my picture it is a symmetrical picture because the photo is exactly lined up. In the picture that I found it is a house reflecting on the water also showing symmetry. Although both photos have the same idea the photos are both different. For example, my picture is cut like a hot dog while the other is going in the hamburger way. Finally, to end my statement, I think that both pieces show what they are meant to show but they are different too.

1.) Rule of thirds 2.) Symmetry 3.) Runoff
The before and after effect of my Tintype

I think that the hands on process is better than the digital process. I came to this conclusion by watching the video and digitally making the tintype. I think that the hands on process is better because there are more things to do to it and to just sit in front of a screen and make it. I think that the hands on is better because there are more steps and it would be more valued if made with the hands on process.

Texture Photo: Basketball
I spelled my name with letters I found around my school
This is the photo of my original photo, cyanotype negative, and the final result.

The outcome of my project came out very good to me. In the final result, it did come out pretty dark but the image to me is still appealing. The process worked by putting the image with a chemical stained paper into the UV light box and then after 11 minutes of being in it, you take it out and stop the change by submerging it in water. I think that my project came out really well and if I could do anything else different, I would edit my photo to make it less dark and get it to the water more quickly.

My Kaleidoscope of my texture photo


Created with images by MabelAmber - "house building structure"

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