Feudalism By audrey weber

What is Feudalism?

FEudalism: a strict social system in which landowners grant people land or other rewards in exchange for military service or labor

Feudal System Pyramid

What Is A Manor?

Manor: self-sufficient estate of a medieval lord

Example of Middle Ages Manor

Who Lived There?

There was a lord of the manor, knights to prtect them all, and serfs (peasants and servants) who worked thE land.



The People who lived during the middle ages were all separated into different groups: monarch, lords, knights, and serfs. They all depended on each other to survive and work as a kingdom. The serfs would farm land Provided for them by a lord and give food to the lord of the manor. The knights were hired by the lord to protect them and their serfs. The lords were given land from the king to make a kingdom. They are interdependent because Without each other, they would not prosper and with each other they are safe.

Political Affect

The feudal system affected politics because it gave the pope and Catholic church a lot of power and also caused the people to believe in their lords more then their king. With the feudal system, if the bishops, monks, pope, or nuns prayed for you it meant that you were going to heaven and that if they didn't, you were going to hell. This caused a lot of people to service the Catholic Church and gave it lots of power over the people. The feudal system also caused the people to follow their lords more than their king. The serfs and knights saw their lord quite frequently and the lords protected them and gave them food. The common people didn't see their king much and therefore followed their lords more than their king. This is how the feudal system affected politics in the Middle Ages.

Social Structure

The feudal system also affected the social structure during the Middle Ages. This system allowed for no social mobility and also separated the people into different classes. There were the lords, knights, monarch, and the serfs. The monarch was the king and he ruled over all of the kingdoms. The lords were people who were given land by the king and hire knights and serfs to live on his manor. The knights were people who were raised to be soldiers and hired by lords to protect the manors. The serf were the lowest class and had no power. They were bound to the land they were born on and would farm the land for the lord. This is he affect that feudalism had on the social structure.


The economy was greatly impacted by feudalism during the Middle Ages. Much of the money was given to the king and this made him very wealthy. The serfs on the other hand were extremely poor and had little money. The feudal system caused wealth and prosperity for the knights, the king, and the lords, but also left the serfs to give food and money to their lord. This caused the system and economy to be very unstable because if one class was unhappy and rebelled or collapsed, the entire system would follow and collapse. This is how the feudal system affected the economy.

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