Drop's Adventure By :Gwenivere Bates

I was peaceful drifting in the water looking at the great view watching the diver. I wa s relaxing as I floated across the water.

Until the sun meanly lifted me up out of the water and forced my up into the sky , after that I became apart of a cloud hoping to drop back to the earth's surface soon. It had been at least a week in a half since I'd become part of a cloud until the cloud got so heavy that all the rain drops droppped out of the cloud, I remember that they had taught this at school it was call presipitation, I didn't like it.

After falling out of the cloud I landed in another body of water according to my grandfather's myths this was call a ...... river I think? Thanks to it being next to a park it read in bold letters - "DO NOT SWIM IN RIVER SWIM IN SALLOW WATER NEXT TO CAMP GROUND"- I don't know why'd say that, I mean it seemed safe.

After prisipitating again I landed in the ocean it had millions of tiny orange & red fish they splashed there fins in the water. "Hi " l said joyfully to the fish no answer I was going to try again but I just sighed and moved on through the ocean.

I found two orcas "Hello" I said politely they didn't answer ,now they where ignoring me so I moved on.

Then there was a jelly fish that little up the bottom of the ocean,But he didn't like conversation either so I kept drifting.

I prisipitated through my cycle, but I still don't like it to the clouds are all really crowded.

Then I came to this place that was covered I white all white it was interesting..... but a little confusing.

I be came a cloud again "not again" I sighed as I waited to drop to earth the I dropped.

"Splash" I had dropped into a river full of excitement I had never had such a fun trip but I was by myself and was getting kind of lonely......

I traveled back to the place covered in white I was getting tired and I almost froze into a snowflake.

I prisipateted again I was the loneliest raindrop being stored in the cloud I just want to drop back to the surface.

As I dropped into a lake much smaller then the one I visited before I met a raindrop named rainbow. Rainbow was nice we traveled throughout the cycle over and over again this time it was kinda fun because I wasn't lonely any more!

The End

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