Go-Cart Project Kyle Needs

Problem Statement

The goal during this project is to create a go cart by only using certain materials provided. We have been given a budget to work with which is 25 dollars and our timeline to complete this project is within 2 marking periods. The go cart that we are using is powered by a drill and will be competing on three different courses. The materials that we are given include an 18V Drill, 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood, miscellaneous hardware, wood glue. Possible wheels, chain, and gears.


This is what we want the go cart to look like where the wheels and the pedals are.


This is a rough sketch one of the first ones we had and it just gives us an idea for making our detailed sketch.
This was the first rough sketch from the top view and it's just an interpretation of what it's actually going to look like.
This is another rough sketch which shows where the drill should sit and a small diagram with no dimensions.


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