Megan Frauenhoffer's Multimedia Presentations A Learning Journal

In this learning journal, I will summarize what I learned about Multimedia presentations, Adobe Spark, and how I will implement these tools into my future lessons and presentations.

Having never used Adobe Spark, I wasn't sure what to make of the program. I had a small idea of what it could do for social media, but I did not think about its potential for education or branding. I was very excited when I saw during the lessons and live classes all the potential that existed (logos! branded templates! oh my!), but I wasn't sure where to start. This class pushed me to finally figure that out.

Week 1- What I Learned

My notes are a sad testament of my handwriting
  • Keep it simple!
  • Keep narration short per slide
  • Adobe Spark is best because of its immediacy, don't over complicate it (see bullet one)
  • Get creative with imagery!
  • Keep music volume low to not compete with your voice

The main assignment was given and we would have to recreate a presentation around the concept of color theory. I found this to be easy because I am an art instructor and this is one of my usual lessons.

My Adobe Spark Experience creating the Color Theory presentation

Assignment: Multimedia presentations on Color Theory

For this assignment, I stuck mostly to the script and focused on learning the mechanics of Adobe Spark. I ran into some minor frustrations when recording the narration, but otherwise it went pretty smooth. The narration felt difficult because it would add a lot of silence in the beginning of my recording and cut off a half second too soon when I ended the recording . I had to learn to adjust to this in order to perfect the flow of sound from slide to slide.

Superheros make a come back in my next assignment!

It felt interesting to be a student again, but I enjoyed trying to make this presentation. I can see the potential in having my lecture students in Art Appreciation try to piece together a mini lecture for their class, working with image and text and narration.

Week 2- What I learned

Notes and bad handwriting, oh my!
  • Adobe Spark premium features are available free to educators (yaaaaaas!)
  • Adobe post is great to integrate into media presentations
  • Using a creative assessment with your presentations (SAVA model)

Comics was an easy topic to fall back on when it came to assignment 2, but then I had to decide which option to go with for the media presentation. I decided to pursue the inspirational figure.

My first attempt at a title slide, don't look, it's hideous!

Assignment: Multimedia presentations on inspirational figure

This title slide had much more excitement!

One of the my regrets is that I forgot completely about using Adobe Post to add to my Spark presentation. I struggled with finding interesting images and to try and keep it within fair use that Adobe Post would have gave me another avenue to explore for graphics. I did however, go back and quickly make a graphic to use. Next time I will make sure the dimensions are more compatible. I also used Photoshop to recreate my own "comic" inspired background for some of my slides.

For this assignment, I chose to revisit some of the super hero inspiration I had on some of my slides for Color Theory and center my second assignment on Wonder Woman! I love collecting Wonder Woman stuff so it felt like the most appropriate figure to write about. I also enjoyed it because it meant I could keep the mood light hearted and be creative with my slides. I think my biggest difficulty was sourcing images. One of my creative work arounds was to show my experience scrolling through Google Image search and recording that with Quicktime to show the many variations of Wonder Woman that existed online.

I think one of the difficulties for a student (that I definitely experienced) is how to use the SAVA model to keep it focused and not go overboard with the visuals and other features. Luckily, Adobe Spark is stripped down of a lot of features that this keeps it from being too tempting, but it's something that I know I will need to keep in mind for my classes as I guide my students.

So what did I learn through this experience?

In Summary

I learned a lot about how to use Spark for various projects. I work part time in a gallery at my university as well as teach and I can think of great ways for both branches to use Spark to promote, tell a story, and teach others a concept. For the gallery, I can easily see ways that I could promote exhibitions with simple photos that can be glitzed up in Post and then added to a presentation with music and text to create media presentations for social sites.

I think students, learning by different senses and engaged greatly by projects, will have fun with Spark. Their projects will become more interesting than boring power points and they'll be more aware of their audience in the process.

Thanks for reading!


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