Lessons Learned from Generation to Generation Diane Swift

Diane Swift

Diane says she owes so much of the way she parented her children to the way she was parented by not only her mother, but her sister Jo Ann.

Diane with three of her siblings. She is one of 7 children.
Diane keeps photos of the loved ones she has lost on a night stand to always think of them.
Diane's Mother who she cherishes dearly.
Diane's eldest child, Angie Winterstein.
Diane's two sons, Phillip, the youngest (left), Todd, the middle child (right).
Diane says there is nothing quite like being a grandmother and it is something she is so proud of. Pictured here are 5 of her 9 grandchildren.
Diane's grandchildren have always been close and this is just one image that shows that!
Brad, Diane's first grandchild who has a career in Golf.
Diane and Sarah her granddaughter after Sarah competed in the Miss Colorado pageant.
Sarah, F-15E Pilot in the Air Force and Diane's eldest female grandchild.
Turkey Bowl Football game with the whole family!
Diane's granddaughters who were both Miss South Carolina Teen. Sydney crowned Brook when she gave up the title.
Diane's Daughters 5 boys: Tommy, Danny, Nicky, JD, and Robby.
The whole gang at our annual Christmas Football Game!
Diane happens to be my grandmother who I call Grandmommie!

Diane says family means everything to her and she is proud to have learned from the generations before her and she hopes her grandchildren have learned something from her as well.

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